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AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology

As part of the Rösler Group, AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology brings over 80 years of industrial surface finishing experience to additive manufacturing. Compared to traditional production, 3D printing poses new post-processing challenges including roughness and geometric complexities that complicate smoothing and polishing processes. Removal of loose or sintered powder residues and supports is also required.

To meet these requirements, Rösler established the AM Solutions brand. Together, we develop and customize equipment, process technologies, and consumables for the automated post processing of 3D-printed parts. Regardless of material, printing process, or production volume, AM Solutions finds a better way to deliver technically superior and economical solutions. Our innovations increase productivity and savings while providing the stability and replicability required for next-level industrial manufacturing.

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  • AM Solutions C1
    Fully automatic and efficient support and resin removal from 3D printed plastic and polymer components...

  • The AM Solutions C1 system is an excellent tool for the automated and cost-efficient post processing of photopolymer components. It is equally effective on precision functional components, design objects with extremely fine structures and complex prototypes. The perfectly adapted compound and the interplay between mechanical and thermal effects results in a highly consistent, effective and gentle removal of support structures / resin.

    The standard processing recipes, already stored in the PLC controller, can be individually modified and saved. In addition, our C1 machine contains various features to guarantee the optimal use of the compound and to minimize the operating costs. These include a fill level control system and an integrated saturation (contamination) sensor. Key process parameters such as temperature, cycle times and the degree of contamination of the compound are continuously recorded and saved with a data logger. This ensures full compliance with industry demands regarding quality control and consistency of the processing results.

    Key Features

    • Fully automatic removal of support structures / resin of photopolymers (e.g. Polyjet, SLA, etc.)
    • A special software package allows programming the entire process sequence
    • Continuous monitoring of the temperature and the degree of contamination of the compound
    • Built-in grate with a drip edge guarantees clean and safe processing
    • Suspended particle screen, easy to take and clean

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  • AM Solutions S2
    Continuous flow shot blast system from AM Solutions for the automatic cleaning and surface finishing of plastic components printed with powder-bed based printing technologies. The ideal solution for high volume production shops....

  • AM Solutions S2 - Unique parts handling and fully automated post-processing

    Just place your plastic components, produced with powder-bed printing systems, into the S2 – everything else takes place fully automatically. The special loop belt allows single piece flow and particularly gentle work piece handling. This ensures uniform cleaning, surface homogenization and / or peening of the work pieces in continuous mode operation. The integrated blast media recycling system guarantees consistently good processing results.

    Key features

    • Gentle part handling and uniform blast processing due to the unique continuous loop belt design
    • No discoloration of parts due to the polyurethane loop belt and blast media conditioning
    • Automated processing of complete print jobs, independent of the printer manufacturer
    • Monitoring of the blasting process ensures reproducible blasting results and consistent quality
    • Efficient blast media recycling
    • Compact design with plug-and-play connections
    • Integrated sound insulation with special door seals

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