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Magforms is a manufacturer specializing in 3D printing technology solutions. We have provided high-quality 3D printing materials, equipment and printing services to 100+ countries and regions. 
Magforms' products include photopolymer resin and 3D printers. We provide widely used 355nm and 405nm high-performance 3D printing photosensitive resins for SLA, LCD and DLP 3D printers. The Helios-P Series and SL Series industrial grade SLA 3D printers provide cost-effective solutions to manufacturers, while the P Series professional grade LCD 3D printers offer a more professional and convenient solution.
Magforms provides professional solutions to customers in all walks of life, such as shoe, jewelry, entertainment, dental, engineering, electrical and electronic industries.
Magforms makes design and manufacture easier.


  • Crysplus1801 Resin
    Crysplus1801 is a colorless transparent resin for 355nm stereolithography apparatus. Its can be can be applied in prototypes required transparent parts.
    • Lamp covers, bottles, housings and more.
    • Aircraft and automotive parts
    • Other designs.

  • Crysplus1801 is a colorless transparent resin for 355nm stereolithography apparatus. Its low viscosity makes it print parts with high building speed and it can build parts with high transparency. Parts created with Crysplus1801 will be with outstanding hardness, strength, precision and good dimensional stability.

  • RC900 Resin
    RC900 is a jewelry red wax resin with a high precision matte texture. The matte texture makes its surface finish higher and the details stronger. Since RC900 has excellent detail a, it is widely used in jewelry models, animation models and other fields....

  • Matte Surface

    Rigid110 can build part with better texture. The matte surface can show the details clearer.

    Outstanding Detail Performance

    The parts printed with RC900 will have high level of detail reproduction, which is comparable to the red ceramic resin of EnvisionTec from Germany.

    Precisely printing

    RC900 can print sharp corners and it is suitable for shoe molds and high-precision cartoon models.

    Wide Applications

    Magforms 3D resin is suitable for most 405nm LCD/DLP 3D printers.

    Safe and Secure Packaging 

    Leakproof bottles packed in plastic air column bags and exquisite designed package box protect the resin from leakage.

  • GM1728 Resin
    GM1728 Gray can be applied in a variety of fabrication for case molds, concept models, general parts and functional prototypes in industrial circle such as automotive, medical and consumer electronics markets....

  • GM1728 Gray is a low-viscosity liquid photopolymer that can be applied to the high-accuracy stereolithography apparatus with high building speed and parts resolution. GM1728 Gray creates high hardness, PBT like parts with outstanding performance of water resistance, excellent thermostability, small shrinkage, durable and marvelous dimensional stability, besides, the parts possess a certain adsorptivity, which can meet the general demands for painting and coating. Also, the parts provide good mechanical property, therefore, GM1728 Gray is an ideal printing material.
  • Helios-P 800 Printer
    Helios-P 800 is an industrial-grade SLA 3D printer with large printing volume and high stability.
    SGS CE certification | Safe and Reliable| Open-source Design

  •  Marvelous Stability

    1. International top brand of key components to ensure the stability and avoid breakdown.

    ① AOC laser head can transmit the laser steadily to allow 7*24 hours industrial manufacturing.

    ② High quality Scanlab Galvanometer from Germany cooperates with the AOC laser perfectly.

    ③ Panasonic servo of the platform, recoater and resin plunger ensure them to move rapidly and accurately.

    1. The metal plate with 2mm thickness and the low shrinkage marble of recoater rim ensure the machine to work stably.

    High Precision

    1. The platform, recoater and resin plunger are with high accuracy Panasonic Servo which makes the positioning accuracy to be ±8μm for the platform, ±0.03mm for the resin level and the accuracy of recoater rim is <0.02mm.
    2. The Scanlab galvanometer perfectly match with the AOC laser to keep the roundness of the laser beam, so that the dimension accuracy is higher.
    3.  The printing parts can be applied to verify the design and high demanding assembling.

    Rapid Printing Speed

    (1) The scanning speed of the Scanlab galvanometer is super fast that it can scan with 12m/s in the maximum and 6-10m/s normally.

    (2)Variable laser beam system enable to change the beam size during printing process to fasten the printing speed. Compared to traditional SLA printing technology, variable laser beam system can be 30%-50% faster by scanning the hatch with a 0.5-0.6mm large beam and scanning the support and border with 0.15-0.2mm small beam.

    Outstanding Detail Performance

    (1) ±0.1 mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.1%xL (L>100mm) high accuracy can print the sharp corner and little dots clearly.

    (2) 0.15-0.2mm small beam can print tiny texture easily.

    (3) Image grayscale adjustment helps to weaken the printing lines among layers.

    (4) Make the post process easier

    Excellent compatibility. Helios-P 800 compatible with all 355nm wavelength resins.

     Open-source design allow all 355nm resin from all brands.

    (1) Users can print parts with the original resin to avoid any waste.

    (2) Allow users to try any new 355nm resin they like.

    User Friendly Design: Removable Resin Vat

     There is instruction in the software to help operators to remove or install the resin vat easily. Helpful to exchange resin. Customers ordered customized resin vat together with the Helios-P series printers.

  • P13 Printer
    Smarter and easier large-size desktop 3D printer...

  • Large Printing Volume

    277*156*380mm large printing size allows to print 4 general size shoe molds at the same time, the maximum shoe mold size it can print is 390mm.

    Smarter and Easier

    Flexible parameter setting makes the operators to set the printing parameter, adjust the Z-axis moving speed on the printer directly.

    High Quality Printing

    Keep high quality printing result when printing large parts. P13 prints parts with high accuracy and there nearly no printing lines on the surface.

    High Printing Success Rate

    With the 2 heating outlets, the heating system of P13 enables more uniform heat in the printing chamber, which ensures the high printing success rate even in a low temperature environment.

    Auto-sensing Light

    With the P13's auto-sensing design, the P13 print room can still be seen clearly in dimly lit environments.

    * The light has been tested to have no curing effect on the resin.

    Large Size Touch Screen

    5.0-inch color touch screen displays clearly and easy to operate.

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