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Founded in 2015, as 3D scanning device brand of JimuMeta, 3DMakerpro has committed to develop professional-level scanners and consuming-level scanners, in order to bring our consumers to the real 3D world.
3DMakerpro has acquired 88 patents in 3D field and 78 software copyrights, which proves the ability of what 3DMakerpro is capable to do in long-term technology, and enterprise development.

By self-developed our industry-leading software algorithms, such as multi-spectral projection system, visual tracking and no-marking registration algorithm, 3DMakerpro has also developed a self-innovated fully automatic high-precision optical calibration system. Under this system, we are able to finish a monthly calibration capacity of over 10,000 units of scanners.

Attaching great importance to R&D investment, 3DMakerpro has spent over 30 million dollars in research and development up till now. Besides, our software R&D system has been certified as CMMI level 3, while the quality system has been certified by ISO9001.


  • 3DMakerpro Whale
    - Dual Core Scanning
    - 0.05 mm Ultra-High Accuracy
    - No Marker Scanning
    - Scan in Bright Light
    - Black Object Scanning...

  • The Whale scanner is ideal for modifying and designing. lt can swiftly scan industrial spare parts with complicated forms and surfaces and generate models with a scanning resolution of 0.02mm High Resolution.

    Scans large structural components,as big as a car hood, while at thesame time, accurately scanning allthe object's tiny details. Scans in bright light even in full sunshine, Scans dark colors, evencompletely black objects.

    Reverse Engineering Application

    Whale's swift 3D scanning capability is ideal for modifying, designing, and optimizing even themost complex industrial spare parts. Complicated forms and surfaces are quickly and easilyscanned and generate precise models with 0.05mm optimum accuracy.
    Whale reconstructs precise CAD models that appear as a mirror image of the originalcongruent in every detail. Users have the power to reimagine, repair, even redefine existingdesigns.

    Industry Specific Applications

    Whale’s accuracy makes it ideal for highly specialized tasks. This includes a diverse range of applications – from recording the specifics of a crime scene, or an archaeological relic, to vintage objects and significant historical items.

    The scanner accurately reproduces the color and form of all manner of items - furniture, evidence markers, and details that may need to be recorded from walls and other textured surfaces. Whale’s capacity to generate impressions with a scanning precision of up to 0.05mm, contributes in intensely clear and highly detailed models. Whale is as accurate in scanning the minute details of small items, like bullets, or as broad and bulky as is required to scan a sofa or even an entire whole automobile.

    Medical Applications

    One of Whale's most sophisticated characteristics is its capability to gather comprehensive face and other physical data in seconds, which is setting a benchmark in the healthcare field. Whale provides personalized healthcare solutions in both pre-and post-operative analysis, through the collection of data that aids the likes of plastic and rehabilitative surgery.

  • 3DMakerpro Mole
    - Up to 0.05mm Accuracy
    - 0.1mm High Definition Resolution
    - Multispectral Technology
    - No-marker Scanning...

  • Scan easily on various objects

    Mole can handle any type of surface or product, including smooth metal, complex structures, and intricately textured goods with ease. Get ready for accurate and high-quality scans every time.

    Capture every detail

    Mole's advanced scanning technology is capable of capturing the smallest details, even in hard-to-reach areas, making it perfect for scanning small parts and 3D prototypes. With an accuracy of up to 0.05mm, Mole is designed with professional-grade precision in mind.

    Effortless operation

    The built-in software, powered by advanced algorithms, is compatible with both Windows 10 and macOS, making it easy to use. It supports automatic alignment, denoising, easy repairs and texture mapping, so you can focus on creating, not fixing.

    Bring your ideas to life

    Mole's powerful hardware and software capabilities make it ideal for a wide range of applications including engineering parts, outdoor statues, e-commerce goods, craft models, antiques and oral models. Bring your ideas to life with Mole.

  • 3DMakerpro Seal
    - 0.01mm Superior Precision
    - Intelligent Display Interaction
    - Anti-shake Lenses
    - Pocket Size Scanner
    - No-marker Scanning
    - Blue Light
    - WiFi file transaction with no compression...

  • Seize What is Sees

    The third generation 3D scanner from 3DMakerpro is here to change the game

    -3DMakerpro Seal is a professional 3D scanner which is truely for consumers. Best precision so far of 0.01mm with smart interaction, it allows users to easily put hands on it and enjoy the fun of 3D scanning.

  • 3DMakerpro Lynx
    - Up to 0.1mm accuracy
    - Flexible and portable
    - Ultra large format
    - Multi-mode scanning...

  • Consumer Handheld 3D Scanner of Metrological Accuracy

    3DMakerpro Lynx is equipped with several advantages such as easy operation, great efficiency and high accuracy, etc., and can capture fine details. It has received warm welcome from tens of thousands of users since its market debut.

    Not Let Go of the Finest Detail

    It can swiftly scan industrial spare parts with complicated forms and surfaces and generate models with a scanning of 0.5mm High Resolution.

    Ultra Large Format

    Scanning format is 1.5 times larger than traditional scanners. It is easy to scan medium and large objects and body parts.

    Free Creations

    Professionals in the animation, virtual reality, and augmented reality industries may utilize Lynx to scan objects, animals, robots, and humans swiftly.

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