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Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: MSVT) is the leading provider of large-scale 3D printing systems for the Automotive, Marine, Rail, Scenic Fabrication and other industries. Massivit 3D’s advanced technology enables large parts, prototypes, and molds to be produced within hours, instead of days. Founded in 2013, the company is headquartered in Lod, Israel and provides its customers in 40 countries with services via a global dealer network.

 Press Releases


    (LOD, Israel, 27th April 2023) -- Massivit 3D Printing Technologies (TASE: MSVT), will unveil its Massivit 10000-G for the first time to the North American additive manufacturing market at Rapid + TCT in Chicago.  The system, that automates production for composite materials manufacturing, is designed to overcome recognized bottlenecks in mold production and to also provide a full range of large-scale custom manufacturing applications. Visitors to Booth #2924 during the Chicago event May 2-4, 2023, will see the Massivit 10000-G printing live demonstrations as well as many examples of printed components and molds.

    Erez Zimerman, CEO of Massivit, commented, “As the leading provider of large-scale additive systems, we’re thrilled to offer the North American additive manufacturing sector this opportunity to experience the new game-changing 10000-G in action. Following the launch last year of our award-winning 10000 additive system, we’ve now developed the capability to directly print industrial molds for composites and to also create complex custom end parts all in one system - a true milestone for the manufacturing market.”

    The 10000-G is the latest addition to Massivit’s Cast In Motion product line, designed to automate mold production for composite manufacturing and to provide an extensive range of applications for large-scale custom manufacturing. It enables digital production of complex molds, mandrels, master tools, jigs, and fixtures. It significantly accelerates composite materials production by directly casting industrial molds 80% faster than conventional processes. A variety of digital tooling processes are available on the 10000-G, including molding for thermoforming, resin transfer molding, and reaction injection molding.

    The company’s high-performance, epoxy-based casting material uniquely provides true isotropy for uniform strength and hardness in all directions at elevated temperatures, unlike existing additive tooling technologies currently on the market. Molding processes for composites have traditionally relied on steel or aluminium that bear high costs, lengthy lead times, and extensive material waste.

    In addition, the Massivit 10000-G offers a wide range of additive manufacturing and custom composite manufacturing applications, thanks to its integrated Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) capabilities.

    Visitors to this year’s Rapid + TCT show in Chicago can book a live demonstration of the Massivit 10000-G and will have the opportunity to handle a range of printed molds and components straight off the system, and obtain technical information from the Massivit team at Booth #2924.

    Massivit’s GDP technology, adopted across 40 countries so far, enables rapid production of full-scale end parts and functional prototypes suitable for the automotive, marine, railway, engineering, and other industries. The addition of GDP capabilities to the 10000-G system opens up the possibility of producing parts that are flame-retardant, impact-resistant, high definition, or transparent.

    Massivit’s CEO concludes, “At Massivit, our objective is to automate areas of industrial production that have traditionally required time-consuming and costly skilled manual intervention. Composite manufacturing is one such area, and we have the ability through our 10000-G machine to truly disrupt the future production of composite parts and components.”

    Journalists are invited to schedule an interview with Kevin Sykes, North American President at Massivit, by contacting the company’s Senior Marketing Team Leader below.

    See the full Press Release here.

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    About Massivit:

    Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. (TASE: MSVT) is a leading provider of industrial 3D printing systems for the automotive, marine, railway, and additional markets. The company’s solutions enable cost-effective production of large, custom parts, molds, and prototypes at unprecedented speed. Massivit’s vision is to transform manufacturing of large parts from traditional processes to ultra-fast, digital fabrication using industrial-grade materials. The company was founded in 2013 by a team of experts led by Gershon Miller, founder of Objet Geometry (Stratsys Nasdaq: SSYS). Its headquarters are based in Lod, Israel and the company provides its worldwide community with end-to-end services supported through an extensive dealer network.

    For additional information, please contact:
    Avi Cohen
    VP Global Sales

    Yafit Sulimani
    Senior Marketing Team Leader

    For investor relations enquiries, please contact:
    Miri Segal Scharia


  • Massivit 10000-G
    The Massivit 10000-G is designed to overcome the bottle necks of composites tooling with advanced thermoset additive manufacturing, based on the Massivit 3D’s proprietary Cast-In-Motion (CIM) technology

  • The Massivit 10000-G is designed to overcome the bottle necks of composites tooling with advanced thermoset additive manufacturing.

    Based on the Massivit 3D’s proprietary Cast-In-Motion (CIM) technology, the Massivit 10000-G has been developed to consolidate composites tooling workflows by up to 80% – from weeks to days – across a range of industries including automotive, marine, rail, energy, and construction. It has been designed to replace existing tooling methods that are slow, expensive, wasteful, and require extensive manual skilled labor. 

    Leveraging advanced dual-component, thermoset materials, the Massivit 10000-G enables direct casting of a mold (“direct female”), thereby eliminating the need to produce an initial master, and shortening conventional mold-production workflows from approximately 19 steps down to just four steps. Massivit 3D’s Cast-In-Motion process is more sustainable than existing tooling methods largely because it minimizes material waste at several different stages. 

    The Massivit 5000MAX large-scale 3D printer enables ultra-fast custom manufacturing for the automotive, railway, marine and additional industries....

  • The Massivit 5000MAX large-scale 3D printer enables ultra-fast custom manufacturing for the automotive, railway, marine and additional industries. Based on Massivit’s proven Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, adopted across 40 countries, the Massivit 5000MAX allows manufacturers to rapidly produce full-scale end-use parts, tooling, and functional prototypes at 30 times the speed of other technologies. The system’s advanced water-breakable material, DIM WB, enables single-use, wash-away molds, mandrels, and tools for custom composite components. Now, manufacturers can print inhouse and on demand, offering industrial FRP train parts, composite marine parts, and a range of advanced manufacturing applications.

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