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Farsoon Technologies is a global manufacturer and technology innovator offering an extensive product line of industrial-level polymer and metal laser powder bed fusion systems featuring a variety of build sizes and processing capabilities that suits many industries and markets.

In 2017 Farsoon Americas Corp. was established in Austin, Texas, USA with a dedicated team of additive experts in sales and field service support catering to the North American market. In 2019 Farsoon introduced the next generation of high-speed “FLIGHT” plastic laser sintering technology which utilizes a robust fiber laser. In 2021 Farsoon introduced its large-frame metal system FS621M and FS721M for commercial orders. Farsoon is committed to developing AM toward its true manufacturing potential and providing customers with best-in-class systems, materials, software, applications, and services.

For more information, please email: contact@farsoonam.com


  • HT1001P-2
    With continuous batch production capability, the HT1001P-2 allows intensive manufacturing cycles with little downtime between builds. The system's throughput is also enhanced with a top-feed system as well as fully digital muti-laser scanning capability....

  • CAMS - Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution, is developed to address the growing movement of the additive industry into true manufacturing as well as future models of production such as Industry 4.0. The CAMS vision is to offer continuous AM production through vertical scalability and modularization capable of integrating into any industrial manufacturing facility. 

    The HT1001P-2 offers production capabilities for its users beyond the current state of the art. The large 39.4"x196.9"x17.7"(1000x5000x450mm) build cylinder allows for unparalleled production of numerous small parts or large parts without the need for joining or gluing. The HT1001P-2 is also capable of a greater temperature range than the current SLS system with a build chamber temperature capable of reaching 428F(220C) allowing for the processing of high-performance material such as PA6 and PA12. 

    The HT1001P-2 like all Farsoon systems is fully open. This means that Farsoon machines are like other truly industrial manufacturing systems that have open parameters as well as an open material model. In addition, the HT1001P-2's modular design allows for the easy addition of future stations for pre and post-processing as well as integration into existing production lines.

    The HT1001P-2 has also been designed with a comprehensive powder handling system featuring a closed-loop powder system with increased automation and little need for operator interaction with the powder supply. With the HT1001P-2 the additive industry is ready to take the next steps toward true manufacturing. 

    With the industrial scale build size and enhanced production capability, CAMS HT1001P-2 offers many new opportunities for the next level of plastic AM production: over-sized end-use pieces can be produced in one piece without the need for assembly; large-volume series production can be operated in faster turn-over rates for a significantly lower price per part.

  • FS200M-2
    The FS200M-2 is equipped with a build volume of 16.7"x9.1"x11.8" and a dual 500-watt laser configuration. The system is ideal for medium to high-volume metal series production with fast manufacturing turn-overs rates, versatility, and impressive ROI....

  • Featured with a versatile rectangular build envelope of 16.7"x9.1"x11.8"(425x230x300mm) and two powerful 500-Watt fiber lasers, the FS200M-2 is created to meet the highest manufacturing standards for series production in molds & tooling, automotive and many other industries; addressing customer's pain points such as productivity, cost-performance and ease of use.

    With the combination of advanced dual-laser scanning strategies, industry-leading communication speeds, and robust recoater design, the FS200M-2 is able to achieve faster production speed while ensuring the required surface quality. The high-efficiency top-feed powder system and the convenient powder delivery unit offer great efficiency for material handling without disturbing the build process.

    Equipped with an integrated, two-stage filter module, the FS200M-2 is suited for longer manufacturing operations and helps reduce the cost of filter changes. The compact machine design of a 37.5 square foot (3.48 square meters) footprint enables a denser, flexible factory layout for maximum throughput yield per floor area for a true economical production cost. 

    Farsoon’s FS200M-2 is a high-value proposition metal system in pursuit of productivity, cost-efficiency, and ease of use for a wide range of industrial applications. The rectangular build chamber is well suited for the fabrication of large parts which favor one axis, such as applications in aerospace, automotive, and tooling.

  • FS621M
    Farsoon developed the all-new industrial scale metal laser sintering system with 1.1 meter Z height with our key industry partner in the aerospace industry, with a focus on extended build cylinder volume and maximum productivity per laser....

  • Developed with a focus on large build size, Farsoon's FS621M features one of the largest metal laser sintering build volumes in the additive market, with a build platform size of 24.4"x24.4"(620x620mm) and a vertical axis of 43.3"(1.1 meters). This expansive build envelope opens new possibilities for large-scale metal production that couldn't be built before in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and many others.

    The FS621M can be equipped with a powerful single 1000W laser or quad 500W lasers allowing for great rates of production. In addition, the FS621M like all Farsoon systems is a truly open platform that offers the user a high degree of control to tailor build parameters for cost-competitive metal additive manufacturing. An advanced dynamic 3-axis scanning system, powerful build process controls & real-time recoating monitoring ensure the best build quality. 

    The FS621M's integrated filter module features a secondary circulating system and a dual-station filter design that allows for the exchanging of filters without disturbing the build process. The FS621M powder handling processes share a common powder container design which is used during loading, unloading, and sieving procedures. These containers offer fully-sealed powder handling, easy transportation between the stations, and safe storage of powder. This partially closed powder system allows for the capability of continuous feeding of powder to the build while retaining the ability to easily exchange and monitor powder quality. 

    The large-frame FS621M metal system offers an unparalleled production edge for large-scale applications that favor a higher Z axis. Taking the feedback from the broad industrial user base from aerospace, oil & gas, and energy sectors, the FS621M system is fully optimized for batch production capabilities with materials such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, nickel-based superalloys, stainless steels, and maraging steels.

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