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Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, provides innovative solutions for the materials science research community. Our multiscale, multimodal solutions provide the AM industry with imaging and characterization of powders and parts at nano- to atomic-level resolution. These are supported by Helical microCT, Plasma FIB/SEM, STEM, Avizo 3D visualization software and the new Explorer 4 Additive, an automated SEM that simultaneously characterizes size, shape and chemistry of powders or surface porosity and inclusions of parts. Our wide range of processing and analytical instruments makes us the only company that can both produce and verify the quality of 3D filaments. Co-rotating twin-screw extruders produce filament, with strands of uniform distribution and precise tolerances, for 3D printers with a wide range of raw materials. In-line and off-line IR, Raman and XR instrumentation validates filament uniformity and analyzes final printed parts for potential failure.


  • Axia ChemiSEM Scanning Electron Microscope
    The Thermo Scientific™ Axia™ ChemiSEM™ Scanning Electron Microscope is unlike traditional SEMs in that it always collects EDS data in the background....

  • The Thermo Scientific™ Axia™ ChemiSEM™ Scanning Electron Microscope is unlike traditional SEMs in that it always collects EDS data in the background. It uses unique algorithms to process the SEM and EDS signals simultaneously, allowing it to display the morphology and elemental makeup of a sample together, in real time. It constantly processes EDS data in the background, giving you live updates on elemental data, as it is acquired. Elements found in your sample can be toggled on and off, allowing you to isolate areas of interest.

    The Axia ChemiSEM Scanning Electron Microscope features a superior user experience enhanced by automation, such as SmartAlign technology for alignment-free operation, newly developed automatic functions, and live quantitative EDS mapping. This always-on processing make analysis twice as fast, compared to traditional methods. The Axia ChemiSEM Scanning Electron Microscope puts SEM/EDS analysis within reach of a wider scientific audience, speeds up your workflow, and saves time on training.

    Key Benefits

    • Live quantitative elemental mapping - Update your workflow with fully integrated, cutting-edge Thermo Scientific ColorSEM Technology that provides characterization in half the time.
    • Easy to get started—Integrated User Guidance, live real-time compositional imaging, and alignment-free operation combine on this instrument to allow you to stay focused on data collection.
    • Flexible sample loading—You can meet the needs of a wide range of applications, with LowVac, low-voltage capabilities, and advanced beam scanning to handle insulating samples and ensure high-fidelity imaging.
    • Excellent imaging performance—The system enables characterization of sub-micrometer inclusions.
    • Diverse application software—Handle advanced applications with advanced system automation options, such as Thermo Scientific Maps™ Software and Thermo Scientific SEM Software, and customize workflow development with Thermo Scientific AutoScript™ Software.
    • Easy maintenance—Source exchange is easy and can be completed by any user, while the straightforward design translates to high uptime and rapid service when attention is needed.
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