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iSQUARED, founded in 2009, is a young and dynamic company in the growing 3D printing industry with its headquarter in Switzerland and facilities in Germany. Our concept includes the development and sales of  compatible FDM® and PolyJet™ material alternatives for Stratasys® 3D printers. Our portfolio is complemented by our professional repair- and maintenance service, the resale of refurbished Stratasys® printers as well as consulting, servicing and sales in the field of Stereolithography® (SLA®). In addition we offer the unlocking of material licenses on Stratasys® Fortus ™ 3D printers and printing service with materials developed and produced in-house.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of 3D printing materials, we are also a reliable partner when it comes to customized material developments for special applications. Our teams of scientists realize your projects by developing exclusive materials tailored to your requirements. Our customers come from all over the world and are market leaders in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical technology, engineering, research and development.


  • Print Service
    What distinguishes iSQUARED from other 3D printing providers on the market?
    We have no intermediary companies as we develop and produce our own material for Stratasys 3D printers saving you cost and valuable time.

  • We are your reliable partner when it comes to 3D printing!

    Your print jobs will be produced on our in-house Stratasys FDM and PolyJet printers such as Fortus 450mc, Fortus 900mc or J750. Depending on the nature of the part or what properties it should have, you can choose from our complete FDM material portfolio - from ABS, ASA and Polycarbonates to Ultem and many more or from our PolyJet portfolio with the Vero material alternatives. We will be happy to advise you individually on your printing project. Not only will we address the material and color of the finished print part, but we will also help you with the previous steps. In this way, you can save costs and time, as we adapt your print part to ensure optimum material consumption without unnecessary surplus and also avoid errors in the component. You want to print with another technology than Fused Deposition Modeling or Polyjet? No Problem! We are happy to provide also technologies like SLA®, SLS® or SLM®. Inform now and contact us for your next printing project!

  • Unlocking Service & Machine Upgrades
    Get unlimited access to all the materials your Stratasys Fortus 3D printer can process with our Unlocking Service. Moreover we are offering Machine Upgrades from Dimension SST/BST 1200es to Fortus 250mc and Fortus 360mc to Fortus 400mc....

  • Unlocking Service

    Use the full potential of your Stratasys 3D printer and expand your material options now. We unlock the required material licenses in no time at all, easily and at attractive prices as single license unlocking or as a complete package of all Stratasys FDM licences for Fortus printers! After unlocking, you can also take advantage of our iSQUARED material for the Fortus series, which is up to 50% cheaper than the original manufacturer's material.

    Machine Upgrades

    Moreover upgrade your Fortus 360mc to a Fortus 400mc to be able to process Ultem materials. Take also advantage of the upgrade from the small build volume to the large build volume of the Fortus 400mc (406 x 355 x 406 mm), which allows you to print bigger 3D models.

    If you own a Dimension SST1200es and Dimension BST1200es there is the possibility to upgrade your printer to a Fortus 250mc. This will not only give you access to the different layer thicknesses of the Fortus 250mc (0.178, 0.254, 0.330 mm (0.007, 0.010, 0.013 inches)) to print your parts in higher resolution and with improved surface quality, but also allow you to use more options in the Insight software. Moreover there will be a switch from the P400SR support material to the SR30 support material.

  • ASA Green
    Originally developed by Stratasys for the military, the ASA green can now also be found in the iSQUARED portfolio. We offer the material for Fortus Plus and Classic printers and it comes in two different spool sizes....

  • Our ASA green material for Fortus 3D printers is comparable to the ASA green from Stratasys. Like all ASA materials the thermoplastic shines with good mechanical properties and a high-quality surface finish. Since the material is UV stable and weather resistant, it is ideally suitable for components that are used outdoors. Like mentioned above, we not only offer the material as 1510cc spool as known from the original manufacturer but also as 3020cc spools for all customers with large and long lasting print jobs.  This applies not only to our ASA material, but also to any FDM material from our Fortus printing material portfolio.

    Profit now from:


    Double the amount of material per spool means twice the runtime in the printing process. Print long and complex jobs in one piece without interruptions caused by additional spool changes.


    Lower cost per cm³ when buying one 3.0 kg spool as opposed to two 1.5 kg spools. Also save chip costs as you only need one chip instead of two chips for the same amount of material.


    More material with the same spool case. Carton sizes and packaging units do not vary. Save space in your warehouse and thus storage costs

  • PolyJet Vivid Colors
    Create vibrant and detailed prototypes in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns with our IORA Model Vivid materials, which are comparable to the Stratasys® Vivid materials including VeroCyanV™, VeroMagentaV™ and VeroYellowV™....

  • Vivid PolyJet materials add vibrant rich color to all printed models. Loading and combining different materials gives you a choice of more than 500,000 colors to create a wide variety of shades. Simulate surfaces such as wood, stone or leather to create prototypes as realistic full-color models. Together with flexible materials, such as the Agilus30 and TangoPlus product family, you also have the option to create different degrees of hardness for your print part. There are no limits to your creativity and at the same time you can save time and money. You no longer need an external service provider to create your prototype. Print your model in one step and make improvements on your own, so you can bring your product to market faster than ever before.

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