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MELD is a revolutionary solid-state technology for additive manufacturing of metal and metal matrix composites. MELD Manufacturing offers full-scale MELD machines, contract manufacturing of components, and associated products and services. 

MELD machines produce near-net shape components in a wide range of materials. One MELD machine allows manufacture of fully-built parts, coating existing structures, performing repairs, and joining similar and dissimilar materials using a wide array of metals in solid or powder form. Materials used include unweldable metals.

MELD offers very high-quality depositions at 100% density with equiaxed grain structures, refined grain size, and excellent as-deposited properties. The residual stress formed in the deposited components is much less than stresses developed during casting or other processes that involve melting and solidification. MELD yields a metallurgical bond between the deposited material and substrate or previously deposited layers.


  • 3PO
    Solid-State Additive Manufacturing System with Integrated Subtractive Component

    3PO features a MELD additive system with an integrated subtractive machine. It offers an immense cubic build space along with freedom in material choice....

  • Machine Specifications

    • Table size: 165in x 89in (420cm x 225cm)
    • Build volume: 157.5in x 106.0in (400cm x 270cm x 100cm)
    • Cubic build space: 380 cubic ft (10.8 cubic m)

    Additve Capability

    • 3-axis additive head
    • Build material: solid metal bar
    • Loader capacity: 400 bars
    • Deposition rate: 20in/minute (50.8cm/minute)

    Subtractive Capability

    • 3-axis subtractive head (optional 5-axis)
    • 6,000 RPM spindle (optional high speed spindle)
    • Maximum travel speed of 475in/minute (12m/minute)
  • K2
    Solid-State Additive Manufacturing System with Continuous Feed System
    K2 with is designed for the production and repair of large parts, boasting an impressive cubic build space along with extreme material flexibility....

  • Machine Specifications

    • Table size: 86.6in x 43.0in (219.9cm x 109.2cm)
    • Build volume: 82.6in x 43.3in x 39.3in (210cm x 109cm x 100cm)
    • Cubic build space: 81.6 cubic feet (2.3 cubic meters)
    • Overall dimensions: 20.5ft x 15.3ft x 14.5ft (625cm x 466cm x 115cm)
    • Machine weight: 46,000lbs (20,956kg)
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