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Gases represent a small part of additive manufacturing but play a critical role, impacting everything from product quality to process stability and safety. That’s why you need Airgas, an Air Liquide company. Our process expertise and national distribution network will keep you on track. We can help you select and reliably deliver the right gases with the best gas supply mode for the job at hand so you avoid production interruptions and meet your delivery commitments. Gas flow monitoring and other services available to increase competitiveness. We can’t wait to fill your potential.


  • EZ-GAZ
    Airgas' EZ-GAZ™ provides real time gas monitoring so you know exactly how much gas you have left. Monitor your gas supply from any location at any time. When your supply is running low, EZ-GAZ will send you an alert so you can order more.

  • EZ-GAZ is a digital gas monitoring service designed to save customers time and money. In provides real time gas monitoring and low-pressure alerts so customers never run out of gas. Customers get instant and accurate gas data along with the ability to access gas cylinder pressure levels remotely. If the gas pressure drops below a pre-set level, EZ-GAZ will automatically send out an alert. This helps customers avoid service interruptions and also saves money on rush delivery costs. 

  • 3D Heat Mix
    3D Heat Mix™ from Airgas makes it easy to create stronger, consistent, high-quality parts during the post production process by offering an optimum non-flammable mix of Argon and Hydrogen (Ar/H2) for use in sintering ovens during Additive Manufacturing....

  • 3D Heat Mix™ is designed for use during sintering. It's provides an optimum mix of Argon and Hydrogen to produce durable parts with low porosity.

  • FLOXAL on-site gas generation
    FLOXAL™ on-site gas generation from Airgas delivers a reliable, uninterrupted gas supply; consistent flow rates and purity, as well as an adaptable solution made to meet the unique usage needs of different companies....

  • Airgas offers a full range of state-of-the-art FLOXAL on-site gas generation systems for nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. These systems provide a continuous gas supply with consistent quality and flow rates, while ensuring safety, reliability and cost efficiency. All FLOXAL systems can be customized and include full service and support including installation, operation and maintenance.
  • ARCAL pure argon and argon gas mixtures
    ARCAL pure argon and argon gas mixtures with SMARTOP™ and EXELTOP™ cylinder valves reduce gas loss, improve safety, and save customers time and money.

  • ARCAL gases from Airgas consist of five ready-to-weld pure argon and argon gas mixtures exceeding AWS A5.32/ISO 14175 tolerance requirements to simplify gas selection and provide customers with the high quality gases needed to produce better welds. ARCAL is available in cylinders equipped with SMARTOP or EXELTOP cylinder packs or liquid form. SMARTOP valves have built-in caps and easy-to-use on/off levers while EXELTOP comes with a built-in regulator, on/off lever and quick-connect system valves that help stop gas loss, improve safety, and save customers time and money.
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