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Parts on demand, resin and 3D printer manufacturer Photocentric is the inventor of LCD-based 3D printing with manufacturing facilities both in the UK and the USA. Photocentric has a vision of enabling sustainable mass manufacture by making additive parts using automated processes, high-performing photopolymers and disruptive LCD 3D printers. Photocentric’s large format printer range delivers significant speed, large print volume and cost savings for a range of industries and applications.     


  • Liquid Crystal Magna
    LC Magna 3D printer enables custom mass manufacture and large component printing. It supercharges product design, moving from prototyping to production in hours delivering fast, highly accurate prints in various applications in different industries....

  • From the inventors of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 3D Printing, Photocentric LC Magna builds is delivering large-format, fast, highly accurate prints suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications.

    Product Highlights

    • Impressive Build volume: 21.1” x 11” x 13.8”
    • Proprietary Daylights Resin and BASF Ultracur3D®
    • Print layer thickness: 25, 50 and 100µm
    • LCD screen: 4K 3840 x 2160 px
    • Print speed: 16mm per hour
    • Cure speed: 2 seconds per layer at 100µm
    • Light output wavelength: 460nm

    Photocentric works with carefully chosen suppliers and specify components to meet our exacting requirements to ensure that the LC Magna delivers reliable and repeatable performance every time. Every element of the design and manufacture is undertaken by us - the Photocentric LC Magna is built to last.

    The versatility of the new daylight LC Magna supercharges product design enabling you to move from prototyping to production volumes in hours. Daylight is far better for screen life, lower in energy usage and safer for the screen, but it also makes printing more reliable, delivering a more even cure than higher intensity UV with its greater depth of penetration. It is much more effective to use daylight with dark coloured or particle rich formulations as the longer wavelength travels further.

    The LC Magna 3D Printer is your perfect partner to consistently deliver accurate end-use parts at scale. Simple to control and supplied with Photocentric’s intuitive STUDIO software, the LC Magna is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The innovative Photocentric Additive software suite, which delivers almost limitless textures and surface finishes, is available separately as a licence-based package.

    Product features

    • Hydrophobic platform boosts productivity and reduces waste.
    • Control system, custom screen driver and faster processing.
    • Patented ‘Blow-Peel’ release technology enables reliable large surface area printing.
    • Layer thicknesses 25-350 microns, delivering the optimum balance of speed and resolution.

  • Liquid Crystal Opus
    LC Opus desktop 3D printer delivers fast, highly accurate prints suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications. This rugged UV 3D printer has been designed to provide reliable and repeatable performance....

  • From the inventors of LCD 3D Printing, the Photocentric LC Opus desktop 3D printer delivers fast, highly accurate prints suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications. With its rugged construction, this UV 3D printer has been designed to provide reliable and repeatable performance. 

    • Technology: LCD 3D printing
    • Material: UV resin
    • Build Volume: 12.2 x 6.9 x 7.9”
    • Print Speed: 18mm per hour

    Whether in a dental laboratory or engineering workshop, its intuitive and simple operation makes the Opus perfect for beginners or experienced users alike. Liquid Crystal Opus is a UV open-source 3D Printer.

    With its rugged construction the LC Opus has been designed to provide reliable and repeatable performance time and time again.

    Delivered pre-calibrated, Liquid Crystal Opus is ready to print straight out of the box. Simplified homing and recently developed vat with assisted cleaning mode.

    The speed and reliability of the Liquid Crystal Opus, combined with its low running costs ensure you will be leading the way.

    Incredibly fast cure speeds of 2 seconds per layer (depending on the resin) at 50µm layer thickness enables large volumes to be printed quickly and accurately.

    Impressive build volume of 12.2 x 6.9 x 8.7″ and patented ‘Vat-Lift’ peel release technology to deliver print reliability.

    Meticulous attention to detail and precision engineered mechanical components deliver outstanding performance.

    Easy and simple workflow

    1. CAD files loaded in Photocentric Studio and prepared for printing in a few clicks.
    2. 3D printing process creates models, layer by layer.
    3. Printed parts are washed removing excess resin.
    4. Parts are cured and ready for use.

    Photocentric has a dedicated range of optimised UV materials to choose from as well as a choice of third-party resins.

    Specialised wash and cure processes deliver optimised properties maintain accuracy and consistency.

    A number of Forward AM BASF Ultracur3D® Photopolymers are now fully validated and print-ready with LC Opus:

    Ultracur3D® DM 2505, Ultracur3D® EL 4000, Ultracur3D® FL 60, Ultracur3D® RG 35, Ultracur3D® RG 50, Ultracur3D® RG 1100, Ultracur3D® ST 45, Ultracur3D® ST 45M, Ultracur3D® ST 1400, Ultracur3D® ST 80

    Whether prototyping or production LC Opus is the perfect solution for bringing your product to market.

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