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  • Electroplaning™ Non-Contact Recoating
    Electroplaning™ is a non-contact powder bed recoating system for additive manufacturing. Electroplaning™ enables high-speed non-contact recoating in laser powder bed fusion and other powder bed additive manufacturing processes...

  • Electroplaning™: Non-Contact Recoating for Additive Manufacturing

    Introducing Electroplaning™, a non-contact powder bed recoating system for additive manufacturing. This cutting-edge, patented technology eliminates the need for direct contact with the powder bed, reducing the risk of contamination and damage to delicate parts, while dramatically increasing recoat speeds.

    Our non-contact powder bed recoater is ideal for even the most challenging 3D printing applications. Electroplaning™ is easy to integrate into existing or new machines, and with multiple sizes available from 100mm to 1 meter and beyond, it's easily scalable.

    Each Electroplaning™ system includes a dedicated controller that handles everything needed to perform a perfect recoating cycle, requiring only a few I/O signals to turn the system on/off, adjust leveling strength, and optionally monitor recoating parameters.

    This cutting-edge technology is designed to improve printing throughput and reliability. Its innovative design reduces the need for maintenance and cleaning, while its high-speed operation ensures rapid printing times. With its compact size and easy integration, the non-contact powder bed recoater is perfect for use in any powder-based additive manufacturing application.

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