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BOFA - a world leader in portable fume extraction technology.

3D PrintPRO and AM ranges for 3D printing and additive manufacturing fume extraction and filtration.

BOFA’s 3D PrintPRO and AM ranges are designed for the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industries, including stereolithography, selective laser sintering (SLS), fused filament fabrication (FFF), polyjet technology, wax deposition modelling (WDM), fused deposition modelling (FDM), powder bed fusion, binder jetting, metal jetting, and VAT polymerization.

The 3D PrintPRO and AM ranges of extraction systems combine high capture performance with proven filter technology, helping to ensure the effective filtration of potentially hazardous particulate, gases / vapors and odors associated with 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes.

For more informaton please contact BOFA Americas at (618) 205-5007.


  • 3D PrintPRO HT
    Filtration and atmosphere management for medium sized high temperature 3D printers.
    Suitable for high temperature FDM; SLA; DLP; material jetting applications....

  • The new 3D PrintPRO HT is a premium portable filtration and atmosphere management system for high performing enclosed 3D printers operating with elevated chamber air temperatures. With a modular approach, the design caters for closed-loop continuous operation; open-loop intermittent operation, and the ability to do both with a pairing kit. 

    The new BOFA system has been designed to filter the high temperature particulate and gases emitted by advanced 3D print units that process polymers at high temperatures. This 3D method is used to create high quality finished products and components for a range of industries. Until now the high temperatures have created challenges for filtration systems that remove the extremely hot airborne fume, gases and nanoparticles emitted by the process.

    The newly developed 3D PrintPRO HT uses advanced electronics components, thermal insulation and innovative air management to deliver high levels of filtration performance in high temperature chamber environments. This helps to support atmosphere management and prevents the build-up of particulate that could damage expensive equipment.

    It enables operators to benefit from high performance polymers, while contributing to workplace atmosphere management and helping optimize their investment in equipment.

  • AM 400
    Inert particulate filtration, designed for direct metal laser sintering and selective laser melting polymer applications....

  • Designed and built specifically for inert particulate filtration, the AM 400 is the premium extraction solution for the additive manufacturing industry. It offers significant benefits to users in direct metal laser sintering and selective laser melting polymer applications.

    Filters can be exchanged on-site as they are contained within a separate housing, with a robust seal, enabling exchange to be completed quickly and safely in a location remote from the process floor, without risking a thermal event. The long filter life significantly reduces the frequency of filter replacement, further increasing productivity.

    The AM 400's high-surface-area patented DeepPleat DUO filter delivers numerous key benefits, including clean chamber environments, clean laser lens, higher quality process, protected equipment, and helps protect people in the workplace. 

    The system was designed in partnership with a leading additive manufacturing company.  

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