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Caledonia,  MI  49316-8428

United States
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CMS Advanced Materials Technology is a leader in numerically controlled machining for advanced materials, including composites and metals. Our collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute has led to the development of our original LFAM, an innovative additive manufacturing solution that improves competitiveness in composite and other industries. Our machines ensure best-in-class performance, accuracy, speed, and reliability, meeting the needs of customers in demanding fields.


  • CMS Kreator
    In 2018, CMS Advanced Materials Technology partnered with Fraunhofer Institut to develop a Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) solution for composites and other industries, resulting in the creation of the CMS Kreator....

  • CMS Kreator is an Additive Manufacturing machine that utilizes Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) technology. It takes advantage of the advanced design of CMS's mechanical base, which is ideal for working with composite materials, aluminum, light alloys, and metals. The machine's sophisticated technological solutions provide exceptional rigidity, precision, and movement dynamics. The process uses thermoplastic polymer in granulated form, which is almost always reinforced with discontinuous fibers of carbon or glass that are inside the granules. The melted polymer is deposited in layers by a single screw extruder that is moved by the machine's axes, forming a single piece. The CMS Kreator technology allows for 45° and 90° printing and permits the use of various materials such as PA, PP, PESU, PEI, PET, ABS, AIRTECH DAHLTRAM, and more. It saves at least 81% of material compared to current manufacturing technologies and has a printing speed of up to 16 m/min.

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