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DELRAY Systems was created to assist other companies with new technology & other additive manufacturing processes. Our mission is to provide customers with thoughtful sales, service, and expertise in 3D printing design & development.  We sell 3D printers, 3D scanners, materials, & accessories, as well as provide 3D services & support to an extensive market. 


Recently, we have expanded our company to include Rev1 Technologies, formerly known as Delscan. Now, under DELRAY Systems, we work to help companies solve critical business issues by leveraging cutting-edge 3D technology. We specialize in professional 3D printing & scanning hardware that is fast, easy to use, & extremely precise, which can help you avoid crucial mistakes in your reverse engineering and quality control workflows. Our 3D printers are specifically selected based on not only performance but also ease of use and reliability.

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  • UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle
    Everything users loved about the award-winning UltiMaker S5 made even better — The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle can be trusted to do its job, giving you the freedom to do yours....

  • The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle includes the all-new Ultimaker S7 & Ultimaker Material station. Providing users with:

    -Integrated Air Manager

    -Inductive Sensor Bed Leveling

    -High-Definition On-Board Camera

    -Material Station

    And More!

    Download the product data sheet here.

    With inductive sensor-enabled bed leveling, the S7 ensures a perfect first layer for all of your prints while the integrated air manager maintains an optimally regulated temperature. ​The PEI-coated flexible build plate helps with improved adhesion to a wider range of materials. Users of the Ultimaker S7 can now print reliably with Ultimaker branded filaments without any glue required. The R&D team has rigorously tested this, and results showed better adhesion performance compared to the glass build plate, with the exception of large prints using Ultimaker PC, which can be properly addressed with the Magigoo PC adhesive. ​

    The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle Provides users with: 

    -​Easy Setup & Monitoring

    ​​Start printing quickly with a simple first-time user experience. Including NFC material recognition and a high-resolution internal camera.

    -Environmental Control

    The integrated air manager filters out up to 95% of UFPs while also keeping the build chamber temperature carefully regulated.

    -Flexible Build Plate

    The PEI-coated build plate makes for reliable print adhesion and removal. A sensor also assures your build plate will always be in place before printing.​

    -Advanced Active Leveling

    Reliable first-layer adhesion enables unattended use without manual leveling.

    -Wide material choice

    ​​Use almost any material with our open filament system, including composites.

    -UltiMaker Essentials

    Access to security-assessed software – with remote printing, user management, and e-learning.

    Learn More about the UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle here:

  • Scantech TrackScan-P42 3D System
    The TrackScan-P42 3D system does dynamic 3D measuring with ultra-high precision without the use of markers. This 3D portable cmm scanner is commonly used in quality control, product development, reverse engineering, and other applications....

  • The TrackScan-P42 adapts to a variety of scanning settings by allowing users to flexibly switch between numerous operating modes. Three scanning modes allow for a wide range of scene scans.
    This optical 3D scanner can be used in conjunction with the wireless T-Probe (portable CMM) to perform flexible measurements and provide high-precision 3D data. Manufacturers and engineers no longer have to worry about gaps, holes, grooves, and complicated surfaces. The optical 3D scanners of the TrackScan-P series can also be mounted on a robot arm for intelligent and automated 3D inspection.
  • Intamsys Funmat Pro 310
    The Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 is an industrial 3D printer designed for engineering professionals. Bring your desktop 3D printing to the next level with high strength and accuracy, industrial printing capability, & nozzle design with IDEX dual nozzle system....

  • The Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 is a cutting-edge industrial 3D printer.

    Printing volume:

    -Dual: 260x260x260mm

    -Single: 305x260x260mm

    Printing capability and nozzle design with IDEX dual nozzle system:

    -Independent dual extruder (IDEX), for different printing modes as dual material printing, mirror printing, copy printing

    -Modular design of the printhead, quick-change system for easy installation and replacement and convenient maintenance

    -Dual-drive gear extruder, increase the contact surface for more torque and higher reliability

    Thermal design for high strength and high accuracy

    -The maximum temperature of the chamber is 100°C, the maximum heating temperature of the build plate is 160°C. It provides fast heating with its high-power output

    -Excellent thermal design reduce thermal deformation of the mechanics and lower the shrinkage of models during printing, avoid warping and increase the interlayer-adhesion

    -The maximum temperature of the nozzle is 300°C

    -High-power nozzle heaters decrease the heating time and ensures that the nozzle is rapidly heated, and the filament is fully melted in the nozzle

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