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For over 25 years, Direct Dimensions has provided the most comprehensive 3D scanning and digital modeling services, products, and support for the solution of 3D-related applications in industries including engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, medical, art and architecture. We specialize in the on-site application of 3D scanning systems and conversion of raw 3D point cloud data into high-accuracy high-quality CAD models.


  • PASS - Part Automatic Scanning System
    Direct Dimensions developed PASS for high-capacity automated 3D scanning. PASS provides continuous 3D capture of small objects. The semi-portable scanner consists of DSLR cameras, lights, turntable, and a computer for operations, metadata, and review....

  • Direct Dimensions, Inc. has designed and developed PASS: Part Automated Scanning System for high- capacity automated 3D scanning of objects. PASS allows continuous 3D digitization of small objects, parts, artifacts, and collections. The semi-portable scanner system consists of a tower structure with (16) high-resolution DSLR cameras, integrated lights, a custom table and turntable, and a computer controller for operations, metadata, and review.

    Objects placed on the turntable are automatically photographed nearly 400 times from different angles over in 2 minutes. The 2D images are then automatically converted into a dimensionally accurate textured 3D mesh model using a process known as photogrammetry. The 3D digital models and object metadata can be uploaded to a database for cataloguing and visualization interactively in 3D. The major system components are:

    - Camera tower structure with (16) high-resolution DSLR cameras
    - Integrated light system
    - Scanning table with turntable and backdrop
    - Operator workstation computer
    - Data server
    - High-speed processing computer

    Functional Specifications:
    • Maximum object volume: 16” x 16” x 16”
    • Accuracy: <1 mm, as low as +/- 10 microns
    • Capture time: approx. 2 minutes
    • Post-Processing time (unattended, in background): approx. 7 minutes
    • Output: OBJ mesh file + JPG texture file + flat-file metadata table
    • Additional metadata fields customizable upon request
    Physical Specifications:
    • System Footprint: 9 ft x 5 ft x 8 ft tall, plus room to stage objects
    • Power requirements: One 15-amp AC outlet
    • Lighting: System contains integral LED light and texture-projectors
    • Environment: Suitable in small room with normal office lighting
    • Safety: Turntable emergency-stop; continuous eye-safe lighting
    Object Preparation:
    • Object limitations: Should be rigid and opaque; and fit in volume
    • Object prep: Some shiny or glossy objects may need to be treated

    System Workflow:
    Steps can be performed asynchronously to optimize workflow
    1. Pretreat object (if needed)
    2. Stage object on support pegs & fixturing
    3. Enter object metadata
    4. Scan object (2 min)
    5. Process images into 3D model (automatic)
    6. Inspect processed models
    7. Transfer models to catalogue or other database

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