Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co Ltd

20F Gate City Ohsaki-West Towe
1-11-1 Osaki
Tokyo,  141-8584

  • Booth: 1982

We have high quality copper powders for a variety of 3D printing processes such as L-PBF, DED, binder jetting, DLP and cold spray.

1)CuCr alloys for L-PBF 

-Copper is challenging to be fully densified via additive manufacturing due to its high reflectivity of IR laser and high thermal conductivity. We have the two copper alloy grades for L-PBF with great performance of 3D printed parts by achieving full densification with the IR laser output of 400W.

-We have mainly two types of grades: high conductivity and high strength (good balanced).

-One is the highest conductivity alloy, 95 IACS% as electrical and 377W/mk as thermal conductivity.

-The other one shows equal mechanical property with GRCop while showing better conductivity, so it is appropriate for aerospace applications.

-We can offer these parameters with EOS M290, Concept laser M2 and SLM 280 to customers for free if we can conclude NDA, which can reduce development cost on customer side.

2) High Purity Copper powder 

-99.9% high purity copper powder with low O2 amount of 300ppm order 

-it can be applied for L-PBF, binder jetting, EB and cold spray 

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