Comco Inc  

2151 N Lincoln St
Burbank,  CA  91504-3392

United States
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Comco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of MicroBlasting equipment and supplies. Micro-abrasive blasting, also known as 'MicroBlasting', is precision sandblasting. It provides a precise, versatile and controllable method for removing unwanted material and altering surfaces on small, delicate and intricate parts. A Comco system easily adapts from a tool that cuts vias into silicon wafers to a tool that deburrs the heal of stainless steel needs with an adjustment to the blast pressure or switch-out of abrasive and nozzle. MicroBlasting is capable of processing parts as a small as a grain of rice to as large as a basketball.

How precise is MicroBlasting?

  • Create a consistent finish to a specific Ra (5-150 µ)
  • Deburr the ID of a 25 µ capillary tip
  • Texture to a 0.007" delineation
  • Remove unwanted coatings without affecting part integrity
  • and the list goes on! 

Comco has over 50 years experience developing and manufacturing both manual and automated MicroBlasting systems for applications across industries.