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National Machine Products at SouthTec

Experience the future of industrial manufacturing solutions at SouthTec, Booth #1637 with National Machine Products. Our portfolio includes Evoset, Velum, Dosing & Pumps, and the revolutionary ITF Wave system.

Our Products:

  • Evoset: Precise filtration for efficient manufacturing, reducing costs and enhancing machine lifespan.
  • Velum Air Filters: Protect your CNC machines from harmful particles. Easy to install and replace.
  • Dosing & Pumps: Advanced fluid management solutions for optimal precision and safety.
  • ITF Wave: Eco-friendly industrial cleaning system, meeting the most challenging washing requirements.

We're more than suppliers - we are your Productivity Partners. Our team aids manufacturers in enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. Join us at SouthTec to learn more about our innovative solutions and discuss how we can boost your manufacturing capabilities. Unlock your operational potential with National Machine Products, today.


  • Velum Protective Filters
    Velum Protective Filters protect industrial equipment, reduce maintenance costs by 30%, and eliminate downtime. Quick 5-second replacements and 2 years of protection from a single roll. Costs only 5 cents/day with visual control for efficient operation....

  • Revolutionize Your Production with Velum Filters

    Experience the extraordinary potential of Velum filters. Applied externally to the ventilation and cooling systems of your production unit, these filters ensure the unobstructed passage of clean air, while capturing dust and oily mist in their patented-knitted fabric.

    Efficiency is the hallmark of Velum filters, from the ease of checking their status, to the seamless replacement process. In just 5 seconds, your filter is replaced - no additional manpower or downtime, cutting maintenance and missed production costs.

    Discover the Range of Velum Filters

    Velum STND

    Perfect for a wide array of machinery in numerous industries, the Velum STND is designed for automation machinery, cooling systems, recycling machines, printers, computers, woodworking machines, and more. Each Velum STND roll consists of 100 sheets and is available in 5 sizes.

    Velum AIR XL

    The Velum AIR XL is tailored for large format machines. With a thicker, less porous fabric, it ensures better airflow and prevents overheating - perfect for compressors, cooling systems, and heat exchangers. Each Velum AIR XL roll consists of 45 sheets and is available in 4 sizes.

    Velum AIR

    Designed for compressors, cooling systems, and heat exchangers, Velum AIR guarantees better air flow and heat prevention with its thicker fabric. One Velum AIR roll consists of 60 sheets and is available in 5 sizes.

    Velum MOTOR

    For those seeking to protect electric motors, look no further than Velum MOTOR. With a reusable polypropylene holder and polyester filter, it is available in 8 diameters.

    Enhance Your Operations Today!

    Boost your efficiency, cut costs and ensure cleaner, healthier air in your production unit. Velum filters offer unmatched benefits that will revolutionize your operations. It's time to level up your production unit with Velum Filters!

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  • EVOSET's Tool Presetters
    EVOSET's Tool Presetters enhance your tool management process. Offering controller-compatible data output, high tool availability, and optimal tool circulation for better efficiency. Upgrade your today with EVOSET's reliable and cost-effective solution....

  • Revolutionize Your Tool Presetting Process with EVOSET's Tool Presetters

    EVOSET's Tool Presetters are designed to not just enhance, but revolutionize your tool presetting process. They are precision engineered to deliver accurate and efficient results every time. By ensuring that only necessary tools are ordered through its transparent tool insert system, EVOSET's Tool Presetters enable better inventory management and cost savings.

    Partnering with National Machine Products, EVOSET brings you the most reliable and high-performing tool presetters in the market. Here are the key benefits you can expect:

    • Controller-compatible data output for error-free processes.
    • High tool availability for stable manufacturing and high-quality outputs.
    • Optimal tool circulation for shorter throughput times and maximum machine utilization.
    • Optimum cutting speeds for longer tool life.
    • Optimally planned processes with calculable piece times for efficient process management.

    Choose the Right Tool Presetter for You


    The TOOL MASTER Basic is a reliable and cost-effective tool presetter that provides all standard measuring functions. Perfect for businesses seeking efficient tool and material measurements, it is suitable for measuring tasks directly in the production process.

    TOOL MASTER Quadra

    The TOOL MASTER Quadra is a high-precision tool presetter that offers users fast and simple manual presetting. With advanced measuring methods and standard functions, it's ideal for transmitting tool data to processing machines.


    TOOL BOY is the ultimate tool mounting device that simplifies tool holder systems. Its ergonomic design ensures accident-free and comfortable work, and is suitable for all tool systems, making it a must-have for any workshop.

    EYERAY Software

    EyeRay® Software is a top-of-the-line image processing software that enables users to preset, measure, check, and manage tools for various manufacturing processes.

    EVOSET's Tool Presetters provide a reliable and efficient solution that can improve your tool presetting process while saving you time and costs. Don't miss this chance to upgrade your workshop's tool presetting process with EVOSET's Tool Presetters today.

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