Heidenhain Corp  

333 E State Pkwy
Schaumburg,  IL  60173-5337

United States
  • Booth: 228

HEIDENHAIN Corporation is a global leader in precision measurement and motion control solutions. With roots dating back to 1889, our commitment to innovation, precision, and quality has established us as a preferred partner for numerous industries including machine tools, electronics, semiconductors, automation, and more.

Key Products and Services:

  • Linear and Angle Encoders: Highly accurate measurement solutions ideal for a variety of applications.
  • Digital Readouts (DROs): Perfect for milling, turning, grinding, and EDM applications.
  • CNC Controls: Advanced control technology to boost machining productivity.
  • Touch Probes: For precise machine tool inspection and workpiece measurement.
  • Drive Systems: Offering comprehensive solutions for actuating drives.
  • Metrology Equipment: Ensuring the highest precision for lab environments and beyond.

Industries Served:

  • Machine Tool Manufacturing
  • Medical Technology
  • Electronics Production
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Semiconductor Production
  • Renewable Energy


  • Precision: Our technology ensures the highest level of precision, optimizing processes and guaranteeing reliable results.
  • Innovation: We consistently push the boundaries of technology, offering state-of-the-art solutions for a rapidly changing world.
  • Customer-Centric: Our global network provides unparalleled support, ensuring that every client’s needs are met efficiently and effectively.
  • Sustainability: We emphasize ecological responsibility in our manufacturing processes and product development, ensuring a better future for all.


  • TNC7
    This new level of CNC control offers a superb user
    experience and puts new possibilities at your fingertips.

  • This new level of CNC control offers a superb user experience and puts new possibilities at your fingertips. 

    • Easy and intuitive operation 
    • Optimal assistance through virtual simulation of the machined part and work envelope
    • Thoughtfully developed, task-focused solutions for your everyday work
    • Pioneering machining technologies and cutting strategies
    • Powerful functions for process reliability and optimization

    Streamline your daily workflow at the machine using familiar Klartext functionality coupled with newly developed graphical programming capability.

    This next level of CNC control assists you throughout the machining process: from initial part design to final finishing, from single-part to serial production, and from simple slots to complex contours

  • TD110
    Improve process reliability, reduce your system costs, reduce machine idle time, flexible retrofitting...

  • Improve process reliability

    The TD 110 tool breakage detector can reduce scrap and prevent secondary damage. Since it doesn’t require a teach-in process, it can be used to inspect microtools in single-part manufacturing.

    Reduce your system costs

    Because it doesn’t require compressed air, the TD 110 tool breakage detector can lower your TCO. And since it requires only one cable and zero maintenance, it can even cut costs.

    Reduce machine idle time

    The TD 110 tool breakage detector can be up to six seconds faster per tool change than laser-based systems. It can reduce idle time even further when combined with the process monitoring functionality of the TNC7. This inductive sensor also integrates seamlessly into your workflow at the current spindle speed.

    Flexible retrofitting

    Any control can be retrofitted with the TD 110. Remote support is available for installation in TNC controls. The breakage detector’s small, nondisruptive form factor simplifies the installation process. And depending on the application, the same type of cable can be used for both the breakage detector and the TT 160.

  • droPWR
    droPWR turns an iPad® into a digital readout!...

  • The NEW droPWR iOS app

    droPWR turns an iPad® into a digital readout!

    • Combines an intuitive user experience with touch screen conventions
    • Dynamically switches between milling, turning and grinding
    • Saves time and money
      • Multiple configurations on one tablet
      • Switches from machine to machine
    • Perfect fit for the classroom and manufacturing

    droPWR takes your manual machine tool experience to the next level.

    • An application-based digital readout platform
    • Ideal for shop classes, production environments, small shops
    • Multi machine tool connectivity
    • Multiple user configurations with parameters set to each user
    • On-boarding configuration easily walks user through application set up
    • Uses Bluetooth technology, for wireless connectivity to encoders via interface box (sold separately)