Capture 3D Inc  

3207 S Shannon St
Santa Ana,  CA  92704-6352

United States
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3D metrology plays a tremendous role in product design, manufacturing, production, and maintenance.  It helps us decipher what the naked eye cannot and allows us to monitor trends to predict future issues.  Metrology is the process that validates the parts, and the parts that create the parts, to ensure all are within tolerance and meet design intent. 

Capture 3D, headquartered in Santa Ana, California is the GOM GmbH partner in the USA since 1997. They have several locations nationwide with 3D Measurement Technology Centers.  As an industry leader in 3D optical non-contact measurement solutions we will help you gain more knowledge about your engineering processes, so you can quantify what is actually going on to solve engineering issues, prevent future problems, optimize workflows, eliminate wasteful costs/rework, and improve product quality while accelerating ROI.