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To remain competitive on a global stage, manufacturers need to embrace advanced analytics that give them a real-time understanding of the efficiency of their operations. But with a shortage of data professionals and a lack of software vendors supporting the manufacturing space, it’s been up to individual manufacturers to cobble together a data strategy to support their company.

Enter Datanomix. We listened to the industry and built a truly hands-off solution that delivers real-time production intelligence. With Datanomix, your company has an always-on monitor that shows you what’s happening on your floor right now, and the historical data to analyze trends over time.

By delivering the insights you need when you need them,
Datanomix is a partner for your future success.


Datanomix delivers next-gen production monitoring in real time while revealing deep business insights over time for precision machining manufacturing companies.


The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board becomes your factory communication hub, with smart TVs displaying up-to-date information at cells across the manufacturing floor. The end result: continuous improvement that soars!


DFF is currently experiencing massive growth, and to satisfy this expanding customer demand, we are building a data-driven culture. We partnered with  Datanomix because they are the only software platform that  delivers real-time and historical insights on every part we build,  and empowers every member of our team—from management to machine operators—with data to do their jobs better and faster. —Keith Campbell, DFF Corporation