Suhner Industrial Products Inc  

25 Anderson Rd SW
PO Box 1234
Rome,  GA  30162-1234

United States
  • Booth: 1708

Suhner is a leading manufacturer of drilling, tapping, and machining equipment. Suhner is also a leader in the manufacturing of rotary flexible cables for power transmission and hand tools and abrasives for surface finishing. When robotic implementation is needed, Suhner offers the fully electric compliance device, EFC-02, and a wide range of robotic end effectors to meet customer needs.

With a very broad and flexible product offering, Suhner is able to meet the high manufacturing requirements of the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. The high quality standards that are maintained on all of Suhner’s products and the cost effective solutions makes Suhner a prime choice in meeting todays strenuous manufacturing needs. 


  • EFC-02
    Fully-electric Active Compliance device....

  • The Suhner EFC-02 is the first fully electric active compliance device. The fully electric capability allows the system to take high frequency measurements of both force and acceleration and adjust dynamically when making contact with part surface to achieve consistent high-quality surface finishes during surface material removal.

    Included feature is an LED indicator to allow users to identify when EFC-02 is at its user specified min or max limits or within the specified stroke limit set by user. For simple setup(example with Cobots), the EFC can work stand-alone, simply with a 48V DC power supply and a Modbus TCP connection or the included intuitive web interface where users can set target force, payload, and stroke limits.

    No restriction on robot preference and the EFC-02 is fully compatible with Suhner's end effectors, including Suhner angle grinder, orbital sander, belt sander, angle polisher, and straight grinder.