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Datanomix provides automated production monitoring software to growth-minded precision manufacturers who want real-time and historical insights into their production performance—without requiring any operator input. Powered by advanced machine learning, the software delivers real-time actionable insights viewable across TV screens, smartphones, and computers so customers can quickly intervene on issues impacting their revenue and profit goals. 


Customers love having effortless access to answers to their important questions like: What machines are down right now and why? How long did it take each machine to get into cycle today? Where do I need to intervene right now? What is my utilization rate today and am I trending better or worse? How did every part on every machine perform yesterday? What was the cutting and touch-time for each part so I can see where to focus improvement efforts?

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  • Machine Diagnostics Report
    Drill into granular speed, feed, sensor, program, and tooling data for any point in time....

  • On a zoomable timeline, customers can now perform granular analysis of any state, telemetry, sensor, or tooling data for any connected machine.

    This new report helps analyze fine-grained aspects of any particular point in time for a program, part, or machine. Use cases include triaging strange events, such as crashes or bad part production and evaluating feeds and speeds, sensor data (tool loads, spindle loads) and controller mode changes at particular points in time. It also provides insight into program changes throughout the day/shift/etc.

    A specific example would be if a part’s cutting time was significantly longer than expected. The zoomable timeline shows the utilization rate, tooling, programs, controller modes, overrides and sensor data for that part. It would be easy to determine if the normal process was not followed and the controller mode was switched from Automatic to Manual and the prescribed cutting speed was slowed down.

  • Tool Usage Report
    Customers now have the ability to drill down into tool usage per part quickly....

  • This new report shows how long each tool spends in cycle to reconcile cutting times in both aggregate and per tool. The data can be viewed in three ways:

    1. Easy-to-read pie chart and table shows tool usage broken down by shift. 
    2. Breakdown of cutting time for each part
    3. Breakdown for cutting time and downtime for each part to see if downtime is associated with a particular tool.

    This new report can be accessed through our Live Dashboard, Coffee Cup Report, and After Action Report.

  • Datanomix TV Mode Hot List
    A new slide in TV Mode shows which machines are down, why, and for how long....

  • Broadcast throughout the plant on large-screen TVs, Datanomix TV Mode ensures everyone knows what is happening. The new Hot List slide highlights machines that need something before they can get back into cycle. It is a great way to quickly see exactly where someone is needed to intervene to meet touch time targets.