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Nordfab Ducting introduced and manufactures Quick-Fit®, a modular ductwork system for dust, mist, and fume collection. Quick-Fit (QF®) duct features unique rolled ends and easy-to-use clamps, which allow QF to be installed in half the time of traditional ducting. QF ducting is easily disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled without tools, which allows easy relocation and reuse during floor plan reconfiguration.

Nordfab dealers have the tools and training to assist with quickly designing and quoting a duct system, including our new online, easy-to-use tool for quickly designing duct installations. Visit our booth for a demo.

Nordfab manufactures duct in a variety of sizes, a range of duct material thicknesses (gauges) to suit your application, and in galvanized or SD construction. Quick-Fit® clamp-together ducting is manufactured in diameters from 3" to 24". Nordfab ducting is available in diameters up to 72” with flanged ends. For larger diameters and difficult applications, such as conveyance of abrasive materials, Nordfab offers duct in heavier gauges.

​Nordfab Ducting is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered and a global manufacturer with sales & production facilities in Europe and Asia as well as the US.

 Press Releases

  • Thomasville, NC, USA – North America’s largest manufacturer of clamp-together ductwork for dust collection has just grown even larger. Construction is complete on an added 54,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, part of Nordfab Ducting’s $5.5 million expansion project, Nordfab Now®, which will allow Nordfab to very quickly ship their most commonly ordered ducting products.

    Company president, Erik Olshall, stated, “This expansion project helps us to launch our Nordfab Now® program. When implemented, Nordfab Now will allow next day shipment of standard ductwork in dust collection systems designed using our award-winning installation design software, Quick-Fit Visual®.” Quick-Fit Visual users utilize simple line drawing tools within the application to create the intended duct path, then hit the Auto-Duct button to convert the path to a 3D image with automatic duct sizing and automatic static pressure loss calculations.

    The sustainable building project includes a 1+ megawatt solar installation covering the new roof as well as a portion of the previously existing building’s roof. The installation will be one of the top 5 largest rooftop solar installations in the North Carolina Triad.

    Nordfab will be exhibiting in booth 1729 at Southtec 2023.

    For further information, contact:

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  • Nordfab® In-line Spark Trap
    Our updated Spark Trap:
    Provides even greater fire protection via a design based upon flow design analysis.
    Mounts vertically as well as horizontally.
    Reduces risk of internal buildup due to snag-free construction.
    Has heavier gauge internal components....

  • Nordfab is introducing a redesigned version of our Inline Spark Trap. Our updated Spark Trap:

    • Provides reduced pressure loss and even greater fire protection via a design based upon flow design analysis.
    • Mounts vertically as well as horizontally
    • Reduces risk of internal buildup due to snag-free construction
    • Has heavier gauge internal components

    Simple, Economical Fire Protection

    Installed in ducting as part of a dust collection system, the Nordfab In-line Spark Trap greatly reduces the possibility of fire in cyclones / collectors by decreasing the number of sparks which could reach the cyclone or collector through the ductwork.
    The spark trap’s effectiveness is based on a simple principle — disrupting the laminar airflow to cause sparks to cool and extinguish before they can enter a cyclone / collector. There are no moving parts and no power is required for operation. Pressure loss is minimal is further improved in our new design*

    Quick, Easy Installation and Cleanout

    Quick-Fit clamp-together ducting eliminates rivets, screws, and welding, significantly reducing the time required to install or replace ducting. The Nordfab In-line Spark Trap can quickly and easily be mounted into Quick-Fit ducting systems, or other duct systems via flanged ends or with use of a Nordfab adapter.
    The Trap can easily be removed for cleanout when necessary. Our new design reduces the risk of internal buildup with its snag-free construction. Sizes up to 18" can be quickly unclamped and larger sizes disassembled at the flanged connection. 
    Calibration or other assistance from a factory technician is not required.