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REDUCING COSTS IS OUR JOB! Are you a manufacturer of precision turned parts or drilling and milling components and want to considerably reduce your part costs? Then you are in the right place! Our insertable form tools are the quickest and most efficient way to cost reductions. With grooving instead of single-point turning, we can provide savings of up to 40%! Typical purchase orders are ranging from 3 to 50 pieces. Due to our highly efficient processes, even the smallest quantities can be quickly and economically manufactured. We also provide tooling with highest efficiency and precision for applications in the medical industry. How do we do it? You can find out on our website or by simply calling us. The fastest way to receive your quotation is by emailing us your part drawing!

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  • Broaching reaches its limits when the material of the part to be machined has a very high tensile strength. This is where milling with the Schwanog PWP system has proven its effectiveness. With the 2-edged insertable tool, grooves can be milled with a precision of ± 0.01mm. Thanks to the quick-change capability of the inserts and a high changeover accuracy, machining can usually be continued immediately after a tool change without readjustment.

    Overview of the technical facts:

    • Complete machining directly on the machine
    • Elimination of separate post processing
    • Fast and process-safe machining
    • Significant increase in tool life using optimal carbide grades and coatings

 Press Releases


  • Thread Whirling Systems
    Schwanog's insertable tooling systems for the medical industry offer superior quality and high efficiency in the manufacturer of bone screws.


  • Schwanog has perfected thread whirling due to convincing process safety, chip control (burr free threads), superior surface finish quality and high repeatability through its proven whirling system which can lead to cost reductions of 40% or more, according to the company.
    Available thread whirling systems come with 6, 9 and 12 custom cutters, ground individually, according to customer specifications for either single or double-lead threads and can be adapted to any whirling attachment.

    The system is manufactured in Chicago, IL. Delivery upon order placement is 2-3 weeks. Expedited service is available upon request.

    Schwanog LLC, call 847-289-1055 or visit

  • Form Drilling with Schwanog
    Form drilling as an application is ever more in demand for complex turned parts.
    Yet, form drill changeovers, due to wear and tear, still require a great deal of time on any machine and incurs vast costs due to machine down times.

  • This insertable form tool system eliminates unnecessarily high set up times. The Schwanog form drill system consists of a round shank holder with coolant through feature and an inversely ground and sharpened carbide insert.

    All form drill inserts are individually manufactured to customer print.

    The advantages are significant cost savings of up to 60% due to reduced set-up times and quick tool changeovers due to the insertable form tool.

    Schwanog LLC, call 847-289-1055 or visit 
  • Schwanog Applications & Solutions
    Productivity for precision parts require intelligently developed tooling solutions which are always precisely tailored to each individual application....

  • Schwanog offers efficient and customer-specific solutions for a wide range of grooving tool applications. The aim is always to reduce part costs by merging machining processes and the reduction of set-up costs.

    Use our solutions to increase your productivity – our team is looking forward to your challenges!

    Email us your part print today!