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3D metrology plays a tremendous role in product design, manufacturing, production, and maintenance.  It helps us decipher what the naked eye cannot and allows us to monitor trends to predict future issues.  Metrology is the process that validates the parts, and the parts that create the parts, to ensure all are within tolerance and meet design intent.  CAPTURE 3D, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California was founded in 1997 as the North American partner for GOM Optical Measuring Systems in Germany. CAPTURE 3D has offices throughout the United States including an Automated Metrology Solutions Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. As an industry leader in 3D optical non-contact measurement solutions we will help you gain more knowledge about your engineering processes, so you can quantify what is actually going on to solve engineering issues, prevent future problems, optimize workflows, eliminate wasteful costs/rework, and improve product quality while accelerating ROI.


  • ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk 2
    The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2 is a lightweight handheld laser scanner with metrology-grade precision and remarkable ease of use that takes you from data acquisition to data analysis, quickly delivering high-quality 3D data for high-quality results...

  • Confidently Know Your Perfect Working Distance
    Scan with confidence by controlling your working distance with a new projection mode – a red laser marker helps you to easily adjust for perfect scanning results. Never wonder if you're holding your handheld 3D scanner too close or far again. 

    A Solution that Adapts to Your Workflow
    The flow is yours – T-SCAN hawk 2 is intuitive to operate and adapts easily to the movement of your hand. Compact and lightweight, this handheld 3D scanner is easy to maneuver wherever you need to capture accurate 3D measurement data. 

    Go Big with the New Satellite Mode
    T-SCAN hawk 2 is the first portable handheld laser scanner with the new satellite mode to scan large areas without coded markers. Collect accurate 3D measurement data from areas as large as multiple meters. 

    Large-volume 3D scanning sensor with an ultra-bright laser light source that captures up to 2 × 12 million coordinate points with one scan, quickly delivering precise, full-field data from very large parts....

  • Santa Ana, Calif.— CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company and the leading provider of innovative 3D digitizing solutions in the U.S., today announced the ZEISS ATOS LRX—a new large-volume 3D scanning sensor with an ultra-bright laser light source that captures up to 2 × 12 million coordinate points with one scan, quickly delivering precise, full-field data from very large parts. With a measuring area of up to four square meters, the ZEISS ATOS LRX is ideal for applications such as aerospace structural components like fuselage, wings, wing ribs, and tail, MRO, automotive design, tool making, and crash testing, machine building, marine propellers, rotor blades and molds, and wind turbine housings.

    The ZEISS ATOS LRX is a complete solution for applications requiring rapid, high-quality 3D data and large-volume measurement beyond what conventional fringe projection systems, laser trackers, and laser radars provide. By delivering large-volume digitalization quickly, the ZEISS ATOS LRX closes a gap in the metrology industry not yet met by current technology. Designed for industrial applications, the ZEISS ATOS LRX includes robust sensor housing to protect against dust and water splash allowing it to work reliably and precisely even in harsh production environments. With this development, industries like heavy casting, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive and wind energy can now measure very large parts quickly and efficiently.

    Next Generation Laser Light Source

    The ZEISS ATOS LRX draws upon proven ATOS 5X technology by utilizing an extremely bright blue laser light source generated by an advanced integrated laser light compressor, creating a uniform, non-coherent, speckle-free light resistant to ambient light conditions. The light projects over a measuring area spanning 2000 x 1600 mm for short exposure times, even for dark or shiny surfaces. Like existing sensors in the ATOS 5 lineup of blue light 3D scanners, the ZEISS ATOS LRX quickly captures high-resolution data with precision and detail, including complex geometrics and freeform surfaces.

    Dynamic Radar-Based Operator Safety

    The ZEISS ATOS LRX utilizes a class 2 laser for maximum operator safety. An integrated sensor uses radar to monitor the safety distance to the user, automatically reducing the luminous intensity as necessary if the distance is not maintained or if it detects movement in the critical area. The safe laser protection class 2 allows the 3D scanner to operate without further protective measures. The projector light can also be reduced to utilize interactive features such as a touch probe, live tracking and back projection.

    Fast On-Site Recalibration with HyperScale

    The ZEISS ATOS LRX features the new HyperScale software function designed for fast on-site calibration and the compensation of undesired effects of temperature changes. A calibration cross CC50/2000 that remains folded together for easy setup is included. A single measurement of a DAkkS-certified length standard completes sensor calibration, and the sensor self-monitors its calibration status throughout scanning.

    Single Software Solution

    Users complete scanning, inspection, and reporting in the ZEISS ATOS LRX software within GOM Inspect Pro, a part of the ZEISS Quality Suite. The software supports 3D scanning and inspection processes by providing detailed analyses and reporting functions. Users can control the sensor by computer or remote control.

  • ZEISS Quality Suite 
    Intuitively analyze your components and thus guarantee high quality in your production process. Data evaluations, analyses and reports - depending on your requirements, you can create these individually, across technologies and independent of the system....

  • All Digital Processes on a Single Platform

    ZEISS Quality Suite is more than just a platform for ZEISS Quality Software. It incorporates technologies and services, allows collaboration and combines metrology and quality intelligence. Here, operators can use the measured values to optimize products and processes on an ongoing basis – easily and digitally, in one central location.

    On the way to a one-stop platform

    Digitalization is an important success factor for manufacturers who digitalize and integrate their processes. More importantly, digitalization focuses on processing big data to ensure that they are transparent and can be accessed worldwide in real time – in our case quality-­related data. Decisions are made based on measurement results which have an impact on production processes. If used wisely, they have the potential to save quite some time and money. Going forward, ZEISS Quality Suite is the next step to make handling quality data as easy as ­possible and to fully meet ­user requirements. 

    ZEISS Quality Suite addresses our customers’ requests to provide an interoperable, cross-­platform solution for production machines and metrology solutions. It both our metrology expertise in software and hardware as well as our service competence. 

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