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Aubin Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of ergonomic material handling mobility solutions.  Aubin has established our reputation of creating high quality, value added products that are revolutionizing the material handling industry. Aubin’s patented products, innovative technology and individualized problem solving create groundbreaking manual and assisted mobile systems to fit your needs. Come see the new Swivel-EAZ® PROSD (Super Duty) which brings the patented Swivel-EAZ PRO dual swivel action to extreme load environments, the Swivel-EAZ® PROSD (Super Duty) caster system has been rated and certified up to 20,000 lbs. per caster. We will also be demonstrating our revolutionary Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster system, our patented solution for reducing push pull resistance from 50-70%. All Aubin Industries, Inc. products are manufactured in the USA.

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  • What are Swivel-EAZ® Wheels and CastersWhen it is time to move heavy loads smoothly and easily, maintenance-free and innovative Swivel-EAZ® wheels and casters answer the call. These assemblies fit well in an array of settings and industries, offering ease of use, safer operation, and customization according to unique demands.

    What Are Swivel-EAZ® Wheels and Casters?

    Swivel-EAZ® Wheels are set apart by their independently rotating split tread design — a unique, patented solution that greatly reduces start forces by 35-50% for pushing and pulling. When compared to other caster wheels, Swivel-EAZ® wheels offer:

    • - Greater mobility
    • - Increased swivel ability
    • - Greater durability
    • - Increased load-carrying strength
    • - Reduced rolling resistance
    • - Maintenance-free

    These wheels are highly customizable to individual needs and can directly retrofit into standard-sized caster rigs.

    Swivel-EAZ® PRO casters have patented designs that deliver the lowest push/pull forces while eliminating the need to align the casters to achieve it. These dynamic changes create the ideal caster for building material handling ergonomic solutions. The Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster’s unique, patented dual-swivel action pairs with the split-tread design of Swivel-EAZ® wheels to reduce rolling resistance by 50-70%. They offer free and limitless movement with no maintenance required.

    The Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster is the only caster on the market that offers unrestricted use of swivel casters. This means the casters can independently find their own centerlines and do not need to align with other casters on the unit. This capability opens up unlimited design possibilities. Engineers can account for load and floor load distribution, reducing contact pressure without increasing resistance or damaging casters.

    With the Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster system, you are using the only caster system that achieves push/pull forces below the requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Customer-tested results show support for 2,300-lb loads with just 33 lbs of starting force.

    Important Parts, Designs, and Assembly

    The Swivel-EAZ® designs have two important features:

    • - Patented independent split treads for wheels: Most other wheels wear on the centerline tread, so they become harder to move. Independent treads eliminate the problem, completely removing the centerline and its scrubbing effects.
    • - A patented 3-axis system for casters: Our 3-axis system delivers unparalleled ease of motion and push/pull capabilities.

    With retrofitting capabilities on wheels and unlimited design options for load distribution, Swivel-EAZ® solutions are highly versatile. They can be used to improve performance on existing caster rigs or support all-new designs. Superior capacity options can support loads from 500-30,000 lbs, with Swivel-EAZ® wheels supporting twice the load of standard wheels with similar tread hardness.

    Casters come in durable, maintenance-free stainless steel materials, and wheels and casters are fully made in the USA.

    The Benefits of Swivel-EAZ® Wheels and Casters

    Swivel-EAZ® wheels and casters offer many advantages for ease of use, durability, safety standards, and much more.

    Swivel-EAZ® Wheels and Casters offer ease of use, durability, safety standards, and much more

    Swivel-EAZ® Wheels

    With Swivel-EAZ® wheels, you can achieve:

    • - Safer, easier, and smoother operation: With a 35-50% reduction in push/pull forces, workers experience less fatigue and a safer work environment.
    • - 100% maintenance-free use: Equipment never has to go out of commission for wheel maintenance.
    • - Greater mobility: Swivel-EAZ® wheels deliver a 35-50% reduction in push/pull forces while minimizing resistance from turning and rolling.
    • - Superior capacity: Easier movement and support for heavier loads allows workers to move items more efficiently and provide sturdier equipment overall.
    • - Non-marking equipment: Keep floors clean with wheels that prevent marks.
    • - Quiet movement: Maintain a safer, more enjoyable workplace with quiet wheels.

    Options are available for anti-static and washdown-safe wheels, perfect for environments such as clean rooms and electrical work. Swivel-EAZ® wheels are available for standard 2″ width and above rigs. All are made in the USA.

    Swivel-EAZ® PRO Casters

    Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster systems deliver:

    • - Safer, easier, and smoother operation: With the caster system’s patented 3-axis system, you can expect a 70-80% reduction in push/pull forces for less worker fatigue and greater efficiency.
    • - 100% maintenance-free use: Like Swivel-EAZ® wheels, the Swivel-EAZ® PRO casters are fully maintenance-free for 24/7 use.
    • - No more caster sidekick: The Swivel-EAZ® caster design eliminates caster sidekick.
    • - Unlimited design options: With independent treads and the 3-axis system, you have unlimited options for load distribution.
    • - Options for more than four casters: Those options also allow you to add more than four swivel casters per cart, so you can decide how to install Swivel-EAZ®PRO casters for your needs.
    • - High load capacities: Support loads from 500-30,000 lbs.

    All Swivel-EAZ® PRO casters are made in the USA. Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite casters are also available in stainless steel.

    Choosing a Reliable Swivel-EAZ® Distributor

    If you decide to purchase from a distributor instead of purchasing direct, it is crucial to work with a reliable, trusted distributor to ensure you get legitimate and accurate Swivel-EAZ® products. Remember, Swivel-EAZ® wheels and casters are patented or patent-pending and are only manufactured by Aubin Industries, Inc.

    Why Choose Aubin Industries, Inc.?

    Aubin Industries, Inc. is the only Swivel-EAZ® wheel and caster manufacturer. We are the go-to source for reliable, custom solutions to fit your unique business needs. With over 25 years of experience and a knowledgeable team happy to solve problems and create a strong working partnership. Extensive design capabilities paired with reliability and a long-standing reputation of great service means Aubin Industries, Inc. is the ideal partner for creating individualized mobility system solutions.

    Swivel-EAZ® products simply work. We have put years of research into designing these patented products, with real-world customer results that attest to their performance. We are proud to be a partner to businesses across industries, from industrial and warehousing environments to our friends in aerospace and pharmaceuticals. Swivel-EAZ® wheels and casters can meet the rigorous demands of these organizations while increasing ease of movement and safety.

    Learn More About Our Swivel-EAZ® Wheels and Casters

    Take the next step in adding safety and improved movement to the workday with Swivel-EAZ®. You can learn more about Swivel-EAZ® products on our website or by registering in our product portal. When you register, you gain access to 3D models, detailed specifications, and drawings. You can also talk to an expert at Aubin Industries, Inc. to learn more about how Swivel-EAZ® casters and wheels can support your project.Learn more about our Swivel-EAZ® Wheels and Casters

  • Aubin Industries Products are Made in the USA
    Aubin Industries, Inc. products are all USA manufactured goods. Aubin Industries, Inc. is a certified 
    Disabled Veteran Small Business, 100% US manufacturer of industrial casters and wheels with the main manufacturing facility located in Tracy, CA.

    Why should you buy American-made products?
    When you buy American-made products you are providing jobs for future generations and promoting American independence. It is also better for the environment, and it boosts American investment opportunities. Another great reason for buying American-made products is that you are guaranteed quality of goods and safer fair working conditions with higher labor standards. Businesses that have outsourced their manufacturing plants rarely return to the US, when American-made products aren’t purchased, this is what happens, and that avenue of potential business has vanished. The US must try to avoid outsourcing so that we can strengthen our economic standing domestically, while eliminating our reliance on foreign products. Many of the countries around the world that produce cheap goods also have much lower product safety standards, when you buy American-made products you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place. We here at Aubin Industries are proud that all our casters and wheels are 
    manufactured in the USA.

    US Manufacturing Content Declaration, and USMCA Compliances
    Aubin Industries, Inc. meets the requirements of USMCA, and certificates are available when required. Our Raw materials such as aluminum, steel, and urethanes are also sourced from US manufacturers and recycled materials are used when possible.

    If there is a contractual need for any certification on a particular part, please contact us for that with specifics. It is to be noted that all Aubin Industries, Inc. parts can be deemed made in the USA as only negligible assembly parts are outsourced.

    What is the percentage of US made in these products?
    The range of US content is typically estimated at 99.9% in all products. Please bear in mind that the supply chain changes, and raw materials are controlled by metal billet makers and scrap markets and at some point, it is beyond any rational tracking capability. Some of our sealed bearings come complete from USA Free Trade Agreements trading partners in Asia and other parts of the world. They are the only components of our products that are not US made. The monetary content of non-USA content is the minor portion.

    Thank you for your faith and support of American made products.


    The NEW patented Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite light duty dual swivel caster system opens up creative design options that have never existed in the light duty Material Handling Industry before. The Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite offers up to 200lbs of load per caster....


    The NEW patented Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite light duty dual swivel caster system opens up creative design options that have never existed in the light duty Material Handling Industry before.  The Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite offers unlimited design options for load distribution, and independent motion in all directions. The Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite caster has our patented 3 axis system for ease of motion, and untouchable push/pull results. This ergonomically superior and maintenance free caster minimizes floor contact pressure with the ability to distribute weight over more than 4 casters on a single unit. Customer tested results are a 70-80% reduction in push/pull forces on average. Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite has a small footprint and lower overall height than the Swivel-EAZ® PRO caster system but still offers up to 200lbs of load per caster. 


    • Average 70-80% Reduction in Push/Pull Forces
    • 200 pound Caster Capacity
    • Washdown Safe
    • Also Available in Stainless Steel Construction, check out the PRO Elite-S
    • Anti-Static Tread Compound
    • Ergonomically Superior
    • Elimicates Caster Sidekick
    • 100% Maintenance Free (24/7 Capability)
    • Limitless Movement, Omnidirectional
    • Unlimited Design Options for Load Distribution
    • Ergonomically Improves Multiple Swivel Caster Configurations
    • Pateneted 21st Century Technology
    • RoHS & Reach Compliant
    • Made in the USA


    Aubin Industries, Inc. specializes in wheels with custom capabilities and individualized solutions that meet the unique demands of a wide range of work environments. Whether you need something simple and long-lasting or more heavy-duty wheels for swivel casters, Swivel-EAZ® products can deliver the right solution. If you do not see the size or unit weight for your application listed, we can supply a custom solution that accurately fits your needs.


    The Swivel-EAZ® PRO Elite caster system brings a dynamic change in movement to lighter duty applications. Aubin Industries, Inc. — a veteran-owned, USA-based company — delivers Swivel-EAZ® products with individualized solutions from expert engineers and designers. Not sure what you need? Please contact us at or check out our website at where you can look at our different products, download spec sheets, request 3D models and drawings, and also get recommendations based on your specific requirements.

    *Swivel-EAZ® Wheel U.S. PAT 6,880,203 CAN. PAT. 2,453,036  Swivel-EAZ® PRO Caster U.S. PAT. 8,387,209 B2 CAN. PAT. pending

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