Multi-Functional Thin Films - The Tailoring of Interfaces

Thin films are a key enabler to the functionalization of surfaces and multi-functional thin films add tremendous value to a wide range of technical components. Emerging trends such as IOT and Industry 4.0 demand increasingly detailed additional information on the actual status, security issues, prediction of potential failure, etc. In essence, a data set that requires clever design, novel materials, and new structures are needed.

Our Symposium Topic provides an opportunity to focus on multi-functional thin films that integrate into complex coating architectures. State-of-the-art technology and applications such as flexible displays, mobile communications, and remote sensing place a strong emphasis on hybrid materials and new functions. Integration of completely new functions (decorative, sensing, active switching) becomes possible. Also, the combination of thick coatings, e.g., for erosion and wear protection with thin films, opens the market for new and advanced products in the key application areas of aerospace and transportation.

Papers are solicited in the field of functional and multi-functional thin films. This includes pioneering coatings and coating systems enabling innovation in both thin and thick film coatings for aerospace, vehicles and beyond. Topics include:

High Rate Coating and Large-Area Deposition • Magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporation, hollow cathode processes

Erosion, Corrosion, Friction & Wear • Hard coatings, high temperature materials, superlubrication, tailored interfaces and complex layer stacks, gradient coatings and failure analysis

Functional Thin Films • Surface integrated sensors, transparent heating films/surfaces, ice-free surfaces, bonding layers, anti-reflective coating systems, switchable transparent, high precision optics and medical products

Advanced and High Performance Materials • High temperature stability, high temperature sensing, extreme conditions (space application) Tailoring of Interfaces in Complex Coating Architectures Reduction of interfacial stress, coupling of optical, electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties of multi-layer coatings

Science and Application of Plasmas

Smart Coatings for Sensing and Glazing Systems

Surface Modification