Large Area Coatings

Large area coatings, generally considered to be substrates or aggregates of substrates larger than one square meter, are found all around us in applications for communication, recreation, architecture, eyewear, lighting, entertainment, electronics, airplanes, aerospace, automotive and so on. Applications of large area coatings cut across all coating technologies and utilize virtually all commercialized vacuum coating processes. Large area manufacturing typically provides the benefits of low cost, high volume, excellent quality and low capital cost per unit yielded capacity.

In 2018 the Large Area Technical Advisory Committee invites presentations in the following areas:

  • Communications and displays
    • Touch screen, cell phone and other active display applications
    • Semiconductor desposition and fabrication
  • Architectural and automotive thin film materials, processes, equipment and applications including:
    • Low-emissivity, absorbing and reflective architectural coatings
    • Electrochromic and other smart window coatings
    • Transparent conductor, anti-reflection and mirror coatings
    • Temperable and bendable coatings
    • Windshield coatings - heat reflecting, hydrophobic/hydrophilic
    • Antennas, including fractal circuits
    • Surface modification coatings: friction-reducing, wear-resistance, chemical-resistance, thermal control, anti-reflection, mirror and barrier coatings
    • Decorative coatings for automotive reflectors, trim, etc.
  • Green/alternative energy applications including:
    • Thin film photovoltaic and semiconductor materials
    • First and second surface and laminated reflector/mirror coatings, absorber coatings and associated technologies
  • Innovations and advances in large area equipment, consumables and modeling
    • Critical coating equipment including coaters, magnetrons, power supplies, pumps, on-line monitoring and defect analysis
    • Sputter targets and materials, PECVD, evaporation and other larger area coating technologies and equipment
    • Modeling, simulation and reverse-engineering of large area coatings, processes, costs and equipment
  • Business topics
    • We especially invite business-related topics teaching us how to extend the reach of large area coating operations into markets and products of significant opportunity.

Invited Speakers


Mortiz Heintze, TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co. KG, Germany
Parallel Developments in Target and Power Supply Technology Open a New Range of Dielectric Deposition Capability – A Basic Study on ZrOx Rotatable Sputtering




Aaswath Raman, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Photonic Control of Thermal Emissivity: New Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in the Mid-infrared



Large Area Coatings TAC Chair: Brent Boyce, Guardian Industries Corp.,
Assistant TAC Chairs:
 Michael Andreasen, Vacuum Edge,, Ken Nauman, VON ARDENNE,