Linear Booths - Standard linear booth is a minimum of 100 square feet. Each Linear Booth will have a back wall 8 feet high with side wall 3 feet high and an identification sign of 7”x 44” (inches). Linear booths must maintain an area in the front 5 feet of the booth in which the display materials do not exceed 4 feet in height. No Linear Booth may exceed the maximum height of 8 feet and not part of any booth, or booth related material, will be permitted to obstruct the aisles in any way.

Island Booths - Island booths may extend to, but may not exceed, a vertical height of 20’ feet. Full use of the island space is permitted; however, the design of the booth must allow for reasonable see-through visibility and full accessibility from all sides (floor to ceiling obstruction is not permitted). Island Booths must be open from all sides. Drapery will not be provided. The design of all multi-level booths and structures must be forwarded to the Academy for approval. Any exhibit structure that does not comply with the Booth Display Guidelines will be made to adjust that particular problem at the expense of the exhibitor. If unable to comply, the Academy reserves the right to relocate that exhibit to another space at the exhibitor’s expense.

Information and forms for ordering additional accessories and other services are listed in the exhibitor marketplace.

Customer Service can be reached from 9:00 am–5:00 pm ET Monday through Friday at 866-229-2386.

2020 - New Orleans, LA, April 1-4

2021 - Denver, CO, April 14-17

2022 - St. Louis, MO, March 30-April 2

2023 - Seattle, WA, April 19-22

2024 - Atlanta, GA, April 17-20

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