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Try out our personalizable hearing amplifiers with telecoil!

Company Overview
To address the needs of the huge potential market of over 700 million hearing impaired adults worldwide, Alango Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication and entertainment markets since 2002, launched its “Wear & Hear” line of personalized hearing products in 2018. These devices are intended for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, for whom hearing aids are not considered an option. They combine advanced technology with high quality consumer electronics design to provide personalizable, affordable, multi-functional, and stylish hearing enhancement options.

Products Overview
The Wear & Hear products enable people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to enjoy a completely personalized listening and hearing experience. Important ambient sounds, peoples’ voices, and output from all audio sources are amplified, enhanced and adapted to suit individual hearing preferences and capabilities.

The first Wear & Hear personalized hearing product to reach the market is called BeHear NOW, an affordable, neck loop style Bluetooth® headset. Although the device does not require a Bluetooth connection to enhance ambient hearing, it can connect to any Bluetooth-supporting audio source, such as a smartphone, laptop computer, music player, or television set to enhance streamed sound. A free smartphone application for both iOS and Android platforms provides additional features, including a hearing assessment that can be performed in minutes. The assessment results are automatically applied to the headset to provide a new hearing baseline for the wearer in all hearing environments: live conversations, mobile phone calls, television, music play, outdoor sounds, live music, and theater.

BeHear ACCESS includes all the advantages of BeHear NOW, with the addition of Telecoil receivers to pick up sounds transmitted via induction loops (typically installed in public places such as auditoriums, theaters, museums, houses of worship, and ticket kiosks). It also features larger control buttons and a simpler charging method that older customers, or those with dexterity issues, will appreciate.

HearLink is a low-latency Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the analog sound output found on most standard audio devices, including television sets. It sends the audio signal directly to the paired BeHear headset, thus eliminating ambient noises, room reverberation, and other types of sound interference which hamper intelligibility of speech and music appreciation. HearLink PLUS provides the same functionality as HearLink, however it additionally supports optical outputs and uses Class I Bluetooth for long range support (up to 200 feet).

Wear & Hear products serve as a platform to address other hearing and speech pathologies, such as tinnitus, stuttering, and single-sided deafness.

 Competitive Advantages
•    Built-in hearing assessment for personalized amplification of important sounds in a wide spectrum
•    Four levels of noise reduction to enhance hearing in noisy places
•    Improved speech comprehension during mobile calls with EasyListen™ (slows down speech)
•    Increased safety and awareness during music play with ListenThrough™ (blocks noise but allows important sounds to pass through)
•    24 combinations of silicone ear buds ensure great fit
•    Rechargeable battery provides 12+ hours in hearing mode
•    Attractive price ($249 MSRP for low-end model)

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