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Telecoil + Hearing Loop = Clarity + Comprehension in Noise!

Hearing aids and cochlear implants provide amplified sound and comprehension within a 3 to 6 foot range and with no background noise. The range of a Bluetooth streaming device is 8′ to 10′ and delivers audio to one user at a time.

Is clarity of sound and comprehension possible in large, noisy spaces of public accommodation? 

Yes! Beyond Bluetooth, there is a seamless solution that works with ALL brands of personal hearing devices, indoors and outdoors, from lobbies and conference rooms to theaters, concert halls and stadiums. One audio source can deliver sound to all people in a space that has been “looped.”

Looped? What does that mean and how does it work?

A space that has been “looped” actually contains an audio induction loop system that brings clear, filtered sound directly into a listeners’ telecoil-enabled hearing aids, cochlear implants or telecoil reciever — improving  clarity and comprehension.

For one-to-one conversations the loop is small and may be portable. For one-to-many, in larger spaces, the loop amplifier connects to a mic or PA system and the loop wire is typically installed under the floor or overhead.

Brands: Portable, flexible hearing loop solutions are 20% OFF during AAA 2020! Choose from a counter/desk-top all-in-one unit OR a looped floor mat and amplifier. Teach your patients how to use their telecoil before they leave your office and you will increase their satisfaction and good word-of-mouth about hearing aids.

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