DEAFMETAL® Hearing Aid Jewelry

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DEAFMETAL® is a jewellery brand for hearing devices.

DEAFMETAL® is a jewelry innovation for hearing device users. With Deafmetals you can personalize any hearing device to capture your style and personality. The essential component is a small, flexible design-patented silicone holster that easily fits around a hearing aid or cochlear implant processor. With the DEAFMETAL® Holster you can transform your aids into functional jewelry, and keep them safely secured to your ears.

DEAFMETAL® jewelry pieces are attached from the holster to the ear with a hook-on safety ring, or with a safety chain that’s attached to an earring or clip-on. For cochlear implants, Velcro stickers are used for coil hat covers, and DEAFMETAL® jewelry attaches to bone anchored hearing devices with a baha hook.

Deafmetals can be purchased online through global retailers, or through an ever-expanding network of local distributors. DEAFMETAL® works closely with audiologists and hearing aid manufacturers to use Deafmetals as inspirational tools in clinical practice