Bowling Green,  OH 
United States
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A-Gas excels at providing complete lifecycle management for your refrigerants including recovery, reclamation, and recertification on a full range of refrigerants. Read more about how A-Gas can save you time and money by handling all of your refrigerant needs under one roof.

  • Refrigerant sales: A-Gas provides a comprehensive suite of refrigerant products. We can provide environmentally sustainable AHRI-700 certified reclaimed products as well as next-generation replacements and HFOs
  • On-Site Recovery: Our service division, Rapid Recovery, has the largest refrigerant recovery network in the world. 
  • Refrigerant Buyback: Used refrigerant has value not only to the person selling it, but to the industry at large. Every pound we can recover, purchase and reclaim is one less pound of virgin material that needs to be produced to service our current installed base.  We can provide a free on-site cylinder swap in several locations across the United States - ask us about our Rapid Exchange® program!
  • Reclamation & Separation: Our proprietary seperation and fractional distillation technology makes A-Gas the largest and most trusted reclaimer in the world!