Parker Hannifin - Sporlan Division

Washington,  MO 
United States
  • Booth: 208

Come by Booth 208 to see the latest in refrigerant fittings.

ZoomLock PUSH, push-to-connect, and ZoomLock MAX press-to-connect refrigerant fittings, designed for the air conditioning and refrigeration markets, allow contractors to make leak-free connections in seconds. It means less time on the job and more money in the contractor's pocket.

ZoomLock PUSH, made of a robust, durable brass body with unique double O-rings, comes in two versions, R410A Optimized and Removable. No brazing torch is needed. And, no press tools or jaws are necessary. Easily connect copper piping with a PUSH to create a perfect, secure seal.

ZoomLock MAX comes in hermetically sealed packaging; the hard, robust copper fittings are debris-free and ready for installation, assuring the contractor a clean system. And, no more crimp gauge is needed—with one complete cycle, you connect the fitting. ZoomLock MAX also works with the tool you already use. Jaws are available for most professional crimping tool brands, both large and compact.

The engineering team extensively tests ZoomLock fittings for the quality assurance contractors expect from Parker Sporlan.

Brands: ZoomLock PUSH Push-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings, ZoomLock MAX Press-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings, Catch-All, See-All, Sporlan valves and accessories, Parker valves and accessories.