Shift Financial Insights

Langley City,  BC 
  • Booth: 136

Shift Financial Insights is stoked to be exhibiting at ACCA.

Accounting Doesn't Have to Suck!

What do you really want for your accounting department? Simple, intuitive information so you can make the best decisions for your business. That's it. But it's often a mess. And even more often, it's hard to understand. 

Enter Shift. We are your outsourced accounting team (bookkeeper, controller, & a slice of CFO) making sure that your books are clean and (unlike most accountants) presented in a way that makes sense. No complex reports or accounting jargon. Just the powerful information you've been waiting for. 

Bookkeeping services include:

  • Handling all bank and credit card transactions
  • Processing and setting up payments for the supplier invoices (AP)
  • Monthly bank, credit card, and balance sheet recs
  • Payroll and other bookkeeping functions as required

Controller services include: 

  • Bookkeeper oversight
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Creating accounting P&Ps
  • Presenting your monthly Insights Package

CFO services include setting up your financial package for meaningful insights.

Get ready to transform your relationship with your financials, turning them from a source of pain to a source of power.