In-Person Exhibiting

The rules and regulations contained herein (the “Rules and Regulations”) are intended by the American College of Emergency Physicians (“ACEP”) to serve in the best interest of ACEP22 (the “Event”), the exhibitors, and the registrants and to give notice to applicants and exhibitors of these governing Rules and Regulations. All applicants and exhibitors (hereafter, “Exhibitor”) are bound by the Rules and Regulations.

The Exhibitor understands and agrees that the information contained in this Exhibitor Website and these Rules and Regulations are an integral and binding part of the booth space agreement. Signing the exhibit space application/agreement indicates understanding and agreement to comply with all policies, terms, Rules and Regulations and conditions in this Exhibitor Website, and any other guidance, rules or regulations issued by ACEP regarding the Event; willingness to abide by the payment policy; acknowledgement of having read these Rules and Regulations; and agreement to distribute them for proper execution to all individuals involved.


Access to Exhibits

As a courtesy, Exhibitors may not enter another Exhibitor’s booth without the other Exhibitor’s approval.

Beverages/Food for Hospitality

Distribution of beverages and food from an Exhibitor’s booth for hospitality is permitted. Beverages are to be dispensed in disposable containers that hold three ounces or less. All beverages, food, and supplies must be purchased and/or approved through the official convention center caterer. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted.

Compliance with Laws

The Exhibitor agrees to abide by and assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent laws, regulations and codes of duly authorized local, state and federal governing bodies including, but not limited to, fire, safety, environmental and health laws, ordinances, or regulations, together with the rules and regulations provided by ACEP and the operators and/or owners of the property where the exhibit space and or Event is located.

Demonstration areas should be organized within the exhibit space so as not to interfere with the flow of aisle traffic. Demonstrations should contribute to the attendees in a professional way. Demonstration tables must be placed a minimum of 2’ from the aisle line. All activities must be supervised by exhibit personnel who have full operating knowledge of the demonstration. Should spectators interfere with the normal traffic flow in the aisle or overflow into neighboring exhibits, ACEP reserves the right to have the Exhibitor discontinue the activity. ACEP reserves the right to prohibit or curtail any demonstration which, in its opinion, detracts from the general character of the meeting as a whole or consists of products or services inconsistent with the purpose of the Event.

The Exhibitor is permitted to conduct prize drawings. All prizes must have the approval of 
ACEP Show Management in writing by Friday, August 26. Curtailment of the contest will be enforced if the activity is not pre-approved by ACEP. The “actual” drawing is not allowed in the booth during exhibit hours; however, attendees may register for a drawing to be held outside exhibit hours. Please note that ACEP Show Management will ensure that approved drawing items are compliant with AMA, PhRMA, AdvaMed, and other guidelines regarding these items.

General Conduct

Exhibitor booth personnel, including demonstrators, hosts/hostesses and models are required to confine their activities within their assigned booth space. Apart from the specifically assigned space from which an Exhibitor has been assigned, no part of the convention center or its grounds may be used by any organization other than ACEP for display purposes of any kind.

Exhibitors are permitted to distribute giveaways. All giveaways must be approved by 
ACEP Show Management in writing by Friday, August 26. This includes all items that are clearly acceptable (with the exception of descriptive product literature) or not on the pre-approved list of giveaways. This list will be available in the service kit. Removal of items not pre-approved will be strictly enforced. Please note that ACEP Show Management will ensure that approved giveaway items are compliant with AMA, PhRMA, AdvaMed, and other guidelines regarding these items.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste is any material being stored, recycled, or thrown away that could cause injury or death or pollute air, land, or water. Exhibitors who generate material meeting any of these criteria, during their exhibiting activity, need to:

  • Be aware of the full scope of the hazards associated with waste created with the exhibit.
  • Conform to requirements of all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the creation of hazardous waste in that location.
  • Submit the name of the selected waste disposal company in writing to ACEP no later than 30 days prior to the start of move-in.

Materials Release Pass

For the protection of Exhibitors, security guards will require a materials release pass from all persons leaving the exhibit hall with equipment, cartons, luggage, etc. Passes may be obtained at the Exhibitor Registration Desk or from security supervisor. To avoid delays, passes should be requested as early as possible on the day materials and equipment are to be removed from the exhibit hall.

ACEP expects Exhibitor to use prudent judgment when live models, hosts and hostesses are used. Professional dignity and discretion should be observed at all times. The use of minors as live models is strictly prohibited. Models must be dressed in a modest and professional manner. Personnel contracted to assist with demonstrations are required to wear sports attire including sweat suits, shorts, and T-shirts. Tight fitting or other inappropriate garments, which include leotards, thongs, T-backs, and short shorts, will not be permitted on the exhibit floor. ACEP's Ultrasound Leadership has developed 
guidelines for scanning of live models on the exhibit hall floor. Please refer to these guidelines for best practices on live model scanning.

Printed Materials

Distribution of printed materials, including flash drives, DVDs, and books, by industry or its firms is limited to the space rented by the Exhibitor in the exhibit hall. Materials are not allowed outside of the exhibit hall.

Sales and order taking are permitted provided that all transactions are conducted in a manner consistent with the professional nature of ACEP and the Event. Exhibitors must notify 
ACEP Show Management via email of their intent to conduct sales transactions and include the following information: product(s) being sold, return/refund policy, contact information for attendees needing assistance and a working website. Exhibitors planning to conduct retail sales are responsible for registering as a dealer with the appropriate state and local agencies. Additionally, all Exhibitors conducting sales on the show floor must post their return/refund policy. This policy should be clear and must be adhered to if an attendee requests a refund.

Audiovisual equipment as part of a display is acceptable; however, sound equipment must be regulated so as not to disturb neighboring Exhibitors. In addition, spectators must not obstruct aisles or interfere with accessibility to other exhibits. ACEP reserves the right to determine when sound levels constitute interference with others or become unacceptable. In such cases, sound levels will be reduced, or the equipment will be removed at the Exhibitor’s expense. The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining prior licensing for the use of any music used in presentations in addition to the payment for any licensing fees. Further, the Exhibitor is responsible for any and all fees that may be due for the licensing rights use of copyrighted music used in presentations.

As a courtesy to attendees and fellow Exhibitors, all exhibits must be open on time and each morning and remain staffed at all times during show hours. Failure to have personnel in the exhibit at all times will result in the loss of priority points.


Americans with Disabilities Act

Exhibitors shall be fully responsible for compliance with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with regard to their booth space, including, but not limited to, the wheelchair access provisions. Exhibitors shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend ACEP, its officers, directors, agents, members, and employees from and against claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including attorney’s fees and expenses) resulting from or arising out of Exhibitor’s failure or allegations of Exhibitor’s failure to comply with the provisions of the ADA.

All backdrops and drapes, which are used in an exhibit, must meet the standards of the local fire department in the convention city. Proof that materials are flame-retardant may be required by the fire marshal. If the fire marshal deems the drape not to be of the standard quality, the drape will have to be replaced with materials which can be provided by the official general contractor. Any such replacement, including labor, will be at the expense of the Exhibitor.

The use of balloons as part of the exhibit display or as a giveaway is strictly prohibited.

Care of the Building

Decorations and/or notices may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, fabrics, doors, windows, or walls. Glitter is not permitted in the building. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage done to the building, equipment or decorations.

Aisle carpeting will be provided in the exhibit hall and the aisles will be vacuumed daily. Carpet is mandatory for all booths. Exhibitors may use their own carpeting or rent carpet from the official general contractor. Booths not carpeted by 12:00 pm on Friday, September 30, will be supplied carpet and charged accordingly. Vacuuming of booth carpet on Friday, September 30 will be provided compliments of ACEP. Additional cleaning can be ordered. The arrangements and expense are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

The aisle carpet will be black/gray “tuxedo” carpet with drape colors being black, gray, and white.

Eligibility for Exhibiting

The Event is the American College of Emergency Physicians’ premier meeting. Its purpose is to enhance the professional and scientific education of the registrants in the field of emergency medicine. ACEP reserves the exclusive and total right to control all aspects of the conduct of the Event. ACEP specifically reserves the right to determine the acceptability of applications for exhibit space. All applications must meet the following criteria:

  • The products or services to be exhibited are of professional or educational interest or benefit to the registrants and are, in the opinion of ACEP, related to the field of emergency medicine or the physician’s practice. Exhibiting at the Event does not imply ACEP's endorsement of products or services.
  • The applicant or the goods or services to be exhibited will not be permitted if they, to the knowledge of ACEP staff, are contrary to Board-approved ACEP policies.
  • The applicant is reasonably determined by ACEP to be highly ethical and reputable, and the goods and services to be exhibited are reasonably determined by ACEP not to be fraudulent.
  • The applicant agrees to comply with ACEP Rules and Regulations governing the Event.
  • The application and required documents must be filled out completely and accurately.
  • Applications may be refused or booth space restricted due to space limitations or other reasons determined by ACEP.
  • All pharmaceutical and medical device products exhibited must meet FDA guidelines and standards.

Exception: The only exception to the above guidelines pertains to those companies that are considered to be of “consumer interest” to the Event attendees. These companies may include, but are not limited to, automobile manufacturers, credit card companies, banking institutions, jewelers, etc. Exhibitor understands and agrees that the information contained in this website and the ACEP Rules and Regulations are an integral and binding part of the exhibit space contract.

ACEP reserves the right refuse exhibits, even after an application has been approved, curtail activities, or to close exhibits or parts of the exhibit that do not by ACEP’s determination comply with its rules and regulations.

General Booth Specifications

Exhibits will not be permitted to span an aisle by ceiling or floor. Exposed or unfinished sides and backgrounds must be draped to present an attractive appearance. Booths will be inspected during installation and the official general contractor, at the discretion of ACEP, will provide draping as deemed necessary and the charges will be submitted to and paid by the Exhibitor.

In-Line Booths

An in-line booth is a booth 10’ wide by 10’ deep or multiples thereof arranged in a straight line. Display material for in-line booths is restricted to a maximum of height 48” in the front 5’ of the booths, and 8’ in the rear 5’. The back wall on in-lines is limited to 8’ in height, including signs or company name, logo, or product information. Each in-line booth will have an 8’ high back drape and 36” high slide dividers defining the sides of the space. The backside of an in-line booth cannot be visible. Show Management can order additional drape, at the expense of the Exhibitor, to cover visible portions. In-line booths will be provided with 7”x44” booth identification sign showing company name, city, state, and booth number. The only company name allowed to be displayed is the name of the Exhibitor, as listed on the original application for space. While banners may be hung from the pipe and drape using such methods as grommets and zip ties, Exhibitor may not completely replace the drape provided by ACEP with a backdrop that hangs from the top pole via a pole pocket.

Island Booths

An island booth is an exhibit space exposed to the aisles on four sides and is restricted to a maximum height of 20'. Solid walls must be set back one foot from the aisles. Island booths must be constructed to allow access from all sides. Island booths should have open sight lines around and through the design (including hanging signs/structures), so that the surrounding area can be viewed through the booth and that neighboring booths are not inappropriately obstructed. The top of the booth's hanging sign must not extend more than 24' from the exhibit hall floor. Variances will not be granted. Exhibitors who wish to construct an island booth are required to submit a digital drawing, rendering or architectural plans to ACEP Show Management by Monday, August 1. Any changes that occur after initial submission must be resubmitted to ACEP Show Management for approval prior to the meeting. Should booth construction at the meeting deviate from the actual submitted and approved floor plans, ACEP Show Management reserves the right to ask the Exhibitor to make modifications at the Exhibitor's expense. 


ACEP reserves the right to modify or remove any exhibit that does not comply with these Rules and Regulations. All booths must be set up on time, open and staffed during specified hours. Exhibitors who violate these Rules and Regulations may be required to leave the premises and will not be invited to participate in the 2023 Event. All measurements shown on the floor plans are as accurate as possible, but ACEP reserves the right to make modifications. ACEP also reserves the right to restrict exhibits and Exhibitor staff that because of noise, method of operation, conduct of Exhibitor’s staff, materials, or for any other reason become objectionable. ACEP may prohibit or evict an exhibit which, in the opinion of ACEP, detracts from the general character that ACEP determines is desirable. In the event of such restriction or eviction, ACEP is not liable for any refund or rental or other exhibit expenses or for other damages related to such restriction or eviction. No “live” microphones or loudspeaker equipment will be permitted in any exhibit booth but video monitors, DVD players and other digital projections may be used so long as they do not, in the sole opinion or ACEP, interfere with other exhibits.


By applying for exhibit space, an Exhibitor agrees to comply with all terms, conditions, and these Rules and Regulations. Any violations shall subject the Exhibitor to the following penalties:

  • First Violation – Loss of current year’s priority points plus loss of 10% of the total number of accrued points.
  • Second Violation – Loss of current year’s priority points plus loss of 50% of the remaining accrued points.
  • Third Violation – Loss of all exhibiting privileges. After the third violation, the Exhibitor will not be invited to exhibit at future ACEP meetings.

Any Exhibitor, which fails to notify ACEP, in writing, prior to the Event of its intent to cancel, is deemed a no-show. A no-show may result in a loss of exhibiting privileges at future ACEP Events, and no refunds will be issued. Early dismantling is considered a violation and will result in the loss of all accumulated priority points. No exceptions.

When practical or appropriate in ACEP’s discretion, disciplinary action will be progressive according to the above sequence, but a more severe penalty, including refusal of or termination of the exhibit, may be levied without the requirement of progressing through each of the above successive steps. Infractions in the spirit of the rules by potential Exhibitors at any time may be considered in determining whether or not to accept an application from such company seeking to exhibit at any ACEP meeting. Each Exhibitor is granted nothing more than a terminable license to exhibit, subject to all the rules herein and ACEP’s approval of the Exhibitor’s application. If ACEP determines that any Exhibitor has failed to comply with any rule herein or any directive issued to the Exhibitor, ACEP may terminate the license and close that Exhibitor’s exhibit without notice. In all interpretation of the rules and regulations, ACEP’s decision is final.


  • Notification of an Exhibitor’s decision to cancel or reduce exhibit space must be submitted in writing. The effective date of a space cancellation or reduction will be the date when written notice is received by ACEP.
  • Written notification of a reduction or space cancellation must be received on or before Monday, June 1. The following cancellation penalties schedule will apply:
    • Cancel prior to January 30, 2022 – 25% penalty fee
    • Cancel between January 30 – June 1 – 50% penalty fee
    • After June 1, the Exhibitor will remain liable for the full cost of the original exhibit space.

At the time ACEP receives written notice that an Exhibitor is canceling its space, all function space (including hospitality suites) held by that Exhibitor will be cancelled. Any booth in the exhibit hall which is unoccupied by 3:00 pm on Friday, September 30, will be considered a no-show and may be assigned to another exhibitor unless ACEP Show Management has received written notice of extenuating circumstances. The Exhibitor shall be deemed to have cancelled the exhibit space contract. There will be no refund to the original Exhibitor and no obligation on the part of ACEP to relocate such Exhibitors. Additionally, Exhibitors that no-show will remain responsible for any balance that may be owed to ACEP.


Exhibitors using contractors, other than official ACEP contractors, for labor, supervision, or other service, must notify ACEP in writing. The Exhibitor is to complete and return the EAC notification form in the Exhibitor Service Kit. Exhibitors must notify their EAC’s of ACEP’s rules and regulations. ACEP reserves the right to remove EAC’s whose actions jeopardize the on-time opening of the exposition or whose employees fail to observe the Rules and Regulations. Lack of compliance by the EAC may result in loss of priority points by the Exhibitor. In order to use the services of an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor, the following deadline must be met:

  • Friday, August 26
  • Exhibitor-appointed contractor authorization forms due.
  • Exhibitor-appointed contractor documentation (certificates of insurance) due.
  • Companies not meeting these deadlines will be required to use labor provided by the official general contractor.


The following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

  • No gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, or other flammable liquids may be stored inside the building.
  • No refueling is permitted in the convention center.

Prior written authorization is required for the following:

  • Operations of any heater, heat-producing, or open flame devices.
  • Use of lasers or X-ray equipment.
  • Use of any compressed gases (e.g., L.P., propane, oxygen)
  • Use, handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and waste. You must also comply with all federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to hazardous materials.


It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to maintain adequate insurance coverage against injury to persons, theft, damage to or loss of property, and against inability to meet its obligations outlined herein. Each Exhibitor is required to provide ACEP with evidence of such policies naming ACEP as an additional insured and the Exhibitor as the certificate holder, by Friday, August 26.


ACEP shall bear no liability for personal injuries, suffered by an Exhibitor or that Exhibitor’s employees, contractors, or business invitees. ACEP will also assume no liability for damage or loss of property of any Exhibitor or that Exhibitor’s employees, contractors, or business invitees, regardless of the cause, unless such injury or damage results from, or is caused by, the negligence or wrongful acts of ACEP. Upon application for exhibit space, each Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ACEP, its officers, directors, employees and members from any and all liability to any person or persons for or by reason of any condition, defect or otherwise, of any apparatus, equipment or fixtures furnished by the Exhibitor in connection with its exhibit. Exhibitor further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ACEP, its officers, directors, employees and members from any and all liability to any person or persons for or by reason of any act or omission of said Exhibitor, or any of its agents, servants or employees. Indemnity includes, but is not limited to, claims of copyright, trademark or patent infringement, unfair competition and product liability. In no event shall ACEP be liable to an Exhibitor for any loss of business, business opportunities, or any other type of direct or consequential damages alleged to be due from a breach of this Agreement. It is understood and agreed that the sole liability of ACEP to Exhibitor for any breach of this Agreement shall be for the refund of all amounts paid by the Exhibitor to ACEP pursuant to this Agreement, as an exclusive remedy.


Any booth unoccupied by 12:00 pm on Thursday, September 29 will be considered a no-show and may be assigned to another Exhibitor unless Show Management has received written notice of extenuating circumstances. The Exhibitor shall be deemed to have cancelled the exhibit space contract for the Event, and ACEP will have the right to deny participation at further ACEP meetings. There will be no refund to the Exhibitor and no obligation on the part of ACEP to relocate that Exhibitor.


A 50% deposit must accompany applications submitted prior to June 1. Applications submitted after June 1, must be accompanied by full payment. Full payment of all booths is due by June 1 or ACEP reserves the right to reassign the space. Any Exhibitor not paid in full upon arriving on site will not be permitted to exhibit until the full payment is remitted to ACEP.


Photography and videotaping, other than by the official photographer or audiovisual vendor for the Event, is expressly prohibited. Exception to this rule will be granted only with written permission from ACEP.


Neither party shall be deemed to be in default of any provision of this Agreement, or for failures in performance, resulting from acts or events beyond its reasonable control resulting in cancellation of the Event. Such acts shall include, but not be limited to, fire, explosion, strike, freight embargo, act of God, or of public enemy, war, civil disturbance, act of any government, labor disputes, acts or threats of terrorism, strikes, government regulation or advisory (including governmental advisories, quarantines, curfews, epidemics or pandemics) or any other catastrophe which would prevent the Event’s scheduled opening or continuance. In such a Force Majeure even, the parties’ performance under this Agreement shall be excused. The Exhibitor hereby waives any claim against ACEP and Show Management for damages or compensation.

Refund of the amount paid by the Exhibitor will be determined after deduction of any amounts necessary to cover expenses incurred by ACEP in connection with the Event. ACEP and Show Management shall not be financially liable in the event the Event is interrupted, cancelled, moved or dates changed except as provided herein.


ACEP policy prohibits smoking in all areas of the convention center during installation, show days, and dismantle. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that all individuals associated with the Exhibitor are in compliance with this policy.


Nothing is to be stored behind booths and back wall drapes. The fire marshal and ACEP’s Exhibits Manager will inspect all exhibits during setup and throughout the Event to ensure that these areas are kept free of any types of materials. If storage is needed, please arrange for access storage through the official general contractor’s service desk. For safety reasons, compliance with this regulation is mandatory.


Uniformed guards will be stationed at the entrance to the Event’s exhibitor hall during exhibit hours. Security will be provided to guard exhibits at night, beginning Tuesday, September 27 and continue through Monday, October 3. ACEP will not guarantee Exhibitors against, nor shall it be responsible for, Exhibitor’s material loss or damage of any kind. Exhibitors are solely responsible for any and all loss or damage to the exhibit material or damage to their exhibit material.


Subletting or sharing of exhibit space is not permitted. Exhibitors must show only products or services manufactured or sold by them in the regular course of business. Featuring names, logos or service marks or advertisements of non-exhibiting firms or businesses is not permitted.


To assist you in your planning efforts for the upcoming Event, we are certain you will appreciate knowing in advance that union labor may be required for certain aspects of your exhibit handling. The following union regulations will apply to installation and dismantling of booths:

The unpacking, erection, assembling, and packing of displays of equipment may be done by full-time employees of an Exhibitor. The official labor contractor for the exposition will have skilled craftsmen to assist Exhibitors who wish to hire labor to perform these services. Arrangements for all temporary labor should be made through the official service contactor. Official labor order forms are included in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Material Handling

Work rules require that the official material handling contractor off-load all equipment and display material from commercial carriers/common carriers or van lines. The use of fork trucks, pallet jacks and lift gates are permitted only by personnel of the official material handling contractor. Exhibitors are allowed to perform their own material handling, provided they meet all of the following criteria:

Personnel performing the work must be bona fide, full-time company employees of the Exhibitor. They must be off-loading a company owned truck or rental vehicle, or form of car, van, or truck owned by personnel of the Exhibitor. All trucks, including co-owned or rental vehicles, over 24’ in length will be off-loaded or loaded by the official material handling contractor. They may use only hand-operated equipment, which they have provided; two-wheeled hand trucks and four-wheeled flat trucks are permitted. The use of fork trucks, pallet jacks, lift gates or any other mechanical equipment is not permitted by anyone other than the official drayage contractor.

Standing on chairs, tables, or other rental furniture is prohibited. The furniture is not engineered to support a person’s standing weight. Neither ACEP nor Freeman will be responsible for injuries or falls caused by the improper use of rental furniture. Please assist us in our efforts to provide a safe working environment.


Exhibitors may not use any ACEP name, mark or logo in advertising with the exception of informational references, such as “See our booth at ACEP22 in San Francisco.” Exhibitors who violate this provision may not be allowed to participate in future ACEP meetings and may be subject to civil penalties. All attendee mailing lists must be ordered directly through ACEP and ACEP must approve all mail pieces. The Event logo may be used only with written permission from ACEP Show Management.

The exhibiting of products at the Event does not constitute an endorsement by ACEP. Exhibitors are not permitted to imply or represent in any media that ACEP has endorsed or approved their goods and services unless ACEP has specifically provided such an endorsement in writing.


Any vehicle or combustion operated machine which is part of an exhibit must contain less than one quarter tank of fuel and must be equipped with locking gas caps. All battery cables must be disconnected and ends taped. Gas caps locked, and the key retained by show management. No refueling is permitted in the convention center. Floors under vehicles must be protected from any leakage, spillage, or other potential damage.

For all other inquires, please contact show management