Get your message in front of AES members and prescribers in Orlando this December! Check out this year’s AES advertising and sponsorship catalog for AES for a variety of ways to reach your target audience—starting even before they arrive with a mobile app sponsorship or the Epilepsy Quiz Game sponsorship. Your ad can be front and center at the airport when they pick up their bags and on the hotel key cards when they check into their hotels. And so much more!

Advertising and sponsorship products are available at all price points and on several types of platforms. Contact alaw@aesnet.org for more information.

Please note: The advertising and sponsorship catalog is not optimized for mobile.

Who Qualifies as Advertisers or Sponsors?

The following categories qualify to participate in the AES 2023 Annual Meeting as advertisers or sponsors, providing you meet all other requirements for participating in the AES Annual Meeting per AES exhibitor guidelines:

  • 2022 commercial booth or nonprofit tabletop exhibitors
  • 2022 scientific exhibitors
  • Non-exhibiting companies with an epilepsy-related medicine or device in pre-commercial status, provided they don't already have a commercial epilepsy product
  • Medical education companies providing a satellite symposium that is sponsored by a company that qualifies to purchase advertising or sponsorship opportunities
  • Companies in Loss of Exclusivity status or going into LOE in 2023 that in the past two years reached Advocate Level or above in the AES recognition system through expenditures on Epilepsy Currents advertising, medical education grants, and charitable support--or will reach that level in 2023.

Please note: All products/services proposed for exhibition and products/services that appear in exhibitor promotional programs, advertisements, and other materials must relate specifically to: (1) evidence-based practice or advancement of diagnosing, treating, or preventing epilepsy; or (2) educating those treating or conducting research related to epilepsy. AES will decline to offer exhibit and other outreach opportunities to companies that do not meet these criteria.

All Advertising and Sponsorship Goes Through AES

All companies and organizations participating in the AES 2023 Annual Meeting as exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers of content targeted in any way at the professional epilepsy audience that appears during the 11/29/2023 to 12/10/2023 time period in the greater Orlando, FL market must purchase these products from AES. Note that advertising placements of a month or less that: (1) include these dates, (2) are targeted at the consumer market, and (3) are in or near venues or outlets where they can reasonably be expected to reach the AES professional audience will be considered targeted at professionals and therefore must be purchased through AES. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, advertising onsite at the convention center and AES hotels and in-market advertising such as airport, billboards, signage in the central business district and on or near AES hotels, bus, taxi, clings, pop-ups, projection ads, mobile advertising, pedicabs, and other outdoor advertising.

Hotel Advertising

AES does not allow advertising in conference hotels, with the exception of advertising inventory offered by AES (if any).

AES Approvals for Ad for Print and Digital Messaging

All print or digital advertisements, signs, and mailings (not including your company’s content in your booth) must be approved by the American Epilepsy Society in advance. AES can review your messaging and/or art in its early stages of execution in addition to reviewing the final for approval. Send approval requests to the email address indicated below and allow three business days for review.

    • Program Book Ads
    • Abstract Guide Ads
    • Media Wall Ads
    • Sleeping Room Door Drops
    • Daily Connect (onsite daily attendee email) Ads
    • All Satellite Symposia Promotional Materials
    • All Scientific Exhibit Promotional Materials
    • Free-Standing 8'x3' Doouble-Sided Signs
    • Lunch Box Inserts
    • Mailers to be Sent with Complimentary Mailing List
    • Lunch Table Ads
    • Virtual Totebag Submissions

    • Hotel Key Cards and Jacekts
    • Mobile App Splash Page and other Sponsor Benefits
    • Sponsored emails
    • Large Scale Advertisements (convention center windows, escalators, walls)
    • Airport Digital Network
    • Skywalk Ads (convention center to hotels)
    • Convention Center Banners
    • Meeting At-a-Glance Ad

Use of QR Codes in Advertisements

QR codes on print or digital advertisements, signs, or materials are acceptable, provided:

  • The destination URL is provided during the approval process
  • The final working QR code is provided during the approval process, prior to production

Guidelines for Mentioning AES in Communications

References to AES in ads and mailings. Advertisements and direct mail outreach may include references to the AES Annual Meeting, but it must not imply that the ad or mailer is from AES. During the review process, AES reserves the right to change language relating to the use of the American Epilepsy Society and/or to reduce the point size of the reference.

  • Neither the AES logo nor the AES 2023 Annual Meeting logo may be used in any advertisement or mailer
  • No version of "American Epilepsy Society", "AES", and "Annual Meeting" may appear in any URLs your company uses to support your program or product.
  • The following reference to AES is not required, but may be used in all advertising, including airport, outdoor, taxi, hotel, and various onsite advertising: AES 2023.
  • On materials viewed or used onsite at the convention center--including but not limited to program book ads, meeting guide, door drops, media wall ads, and room signs for scientific exhibits and satellite symposia-advertisers may use: American Epilepsy Society 2023 Annual Meeting or AES 2023 Annual Meeting.

Messaging at the AES Annual Meeting. Please note these requirements for your corporate and branded product messaging based on where your advertisement will appear:

  • Messaging on sponsored items and advertising inside the exhibit hall may include corporate messaging + logos and/or product messaging + logos. AES reserves the right to disallow corporate and/or product messaging and logos on items in the exhibit hall if there is a reasonable possibility that attendees may carry those items where corporate messaging might be visible in accredited education sessions.
  • Messaging on sponsored items and advertising in the convention center but outside the exhibit hall may not include product messaging + logos, with the exception of ads appearing on the AES Media Wall, which may include product messaging + logos.
  • Outdoor advertising and sponsorships (airport, taxi, shuttle buses, billboards, headquarters hotels, etc) may include a call to action and may include product messaging + logos as part of a larger corporate message. The product messaging + logo must appear smaller than the corporate messaging + logo.