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Nanozen – Know the air you breathe!

Nanozen’s personal wearable dust monitors are designed to provide solutions for general exposure management and for the industry dust management stakeholders, specifically Industrial Hygienists/HSE staff, workers, and company management. Our dust monitors are deployed globally in a broad range of industries direct or through local distributors, be it Mining, Pharmaceutical, Factories, Construction, Oil & Gas, Foundries, Environment, Forestry/Wildfire, etc.

Our DustCount monitors provide ease of setup, ease of remote management in the field, and ease of data collection, and can be tailored for specific needs through built-in features. For workers, our solution provides ease of mobility, automated operation, training, and health monitoring assistance through exposure alarm and detailed exposure data. For managers, it offers lower cost and traceable, transparent proof of company action to reduce worker exposure. By proactively monitoring and minimizing silica dust exposure, your social licenses and ESG indexes will be improved, leading to healthier workers and communities in which you work.

Brands: We design, build, market, sell, and support leading-edge particle monitors that meet emerging standards for workplace analysis, and worker protection in the Occupational Health & Safety industry.

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