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Simply the best lead paint analyzer ever made!

Simply the best lead paint analyzer ever made!
No radioactive sources, no isotope replacement! Meet X-550 Pb X-550 Pb employs an X-ray tube that uses an electric current under high voltage to produce X-rays. The latest X-ray tube and detector technology deliver the fastest and most accurate lead paint results. Read the HUD PCS. X-ray eliminates radioactive isotopes. No isotope replacement costs, isotope disposal costs, or regulatory and financial burden for owning and tracking radioactive materials. 

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 Press Releases

  • Working as a residential lead paint inspector or consultant?

    X-ray tubes now have more advantages than isotope-based analyzers for residential lead paint inspection. There’s no better option than SciAps.

    For surface-by-surface testing of painted components, there’s no better option to identify the amount of lead present in painted or sealed surfaces than SciAps X-550 Pb lead paint analyzer. Lead-paint consultants can now evaluate potential lead hazards, including lead-based paint, lead dust (coming spring 2023), lead in water, and/or lead in soil without the oversight and costs of radioactive isotopes. Inspectors can easily produce and share detailed, customizable reports that show where the lead-based paint was found and provide recommendations, all from the XRF.

    With a perfect HUD/EPA PCS—no substrate corrections, no inconclusive ranges or tests, even for action levels as low as 0.5 mg/cm2—SciAps X-550 Pb eliminates the need for laboratory analysis, provides direct reading results on site, and with lead paint dust wipes, will identify the degree of current or potential hazards of lead-based paint.

    In the past, you only had one option for residential lead paint inspection: to use an analyzer with a radioactive source. Now, you can use the X-550 Pb, the first lead paint analyzer that uses an X-ray tube instead of an isotope.

    What does this mean for you? Your work just became a whole lot simpler. 


  • SciAps X-550 Pb HUD/EPA Lead Paint Analyzer
    No radioactive materials, no licensing costs or travel restrictions and no isotope replacement and disposal costs.


  • No radioactive materials, no licensing costs or travel restrictions and no isotope replacement and disposal costs.  

    The X-550 Pb utilizes miniaturized, rugged Rh tube (40 kV, 100 uA, 4 W) and Silicon Drift Detector for measurement of lead-based paint in units of mg/cm2.  The X-550 Pb is world’s only handheld XRF accepted by HUD and EPA for testing residential, day care, schools and other such properties via a published Performance Characteristics Sheet (PCS).   It provides analysis of lead (Pb) loadings both for surface and deeply covered lead in paint in as little as 1 second, as well as a risk-assessment indicator if the lead is on the surface or covered by non-lead containing paint.  

    The X-550 Pb may be operated in two Apps.  One is the PCS App, for automatic testing fully in compliance with the PCS.  In this setup the analyzer automatically terminates testing as soon as the lead level is above or below the Action Level (usually 1.0 mg/cm2) with 95% confidence.  The unit also features an OSHA/IH App for precision-based test times designed for industrial type compliance testing where operators want to measure the presence of any detectable lead.  The lead limit of detection is typically 0.01 mg/ cm2.  The analyzer auto-calibrates on a 316 stainless steel clip, and the user performs a lead calibration check on a NIST 1.0 mg/ cm2 calibration block.  Analyzer auto-calibrates on external 316 stainless beam cover and is equipped with NIST certified reference paint sample to verify calibration at 1.04 mg/ cm2.  Analyzer includes dual integrated cameras.  A macro-camera for photo-documentation of tests and reading bar codes and internal targeting camera for pinpointing specific test regions especially on molding or other irregularly shaped testing surfaces. Google-powered, Android operating system providing easy and intuitive operation. Wireless and Bluetooth built in for easy connectivity to other devices.