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BTSOFT is a multi-discipline software company providing cutting-edge lab solutions across the world. Based in Houston, Texas and with offices in India and China, our team is comprised of a diverse background of laboratory professional and expert computer programmers dedicated to your success at all levels of your laboratory.

With innovative and scalable products and services, we work alongside our partners to guarantee their unique laboratory needs are met.

At BTSOFT, we’re solving the problems of today and tomorrow. Our goal is to constantly evolve and develop processes that will improve your laboratory, including creating never-before-seen technology like our ALPACA Micro ELN. Our solutions are designed to meet industry standards and improve your lab’s efficiency, without breaking your budget.

Our technology team partners with experts in chemistry, biology, industrial hygiene, and other fields to ensure a comprehensive understanding of how we can best help.

Brands: BTLIMS, ALPACA (Analytical Laboratory Process Assurance & Compliance Automation)


  • BTLIMS Industrial Hygeine
    Automate your laboratory process with BTLIMS Industrial Hygiene edition—providing you a customizable all-in-one solution for seamless operations. Help your lab perform air quality, lead exposure, and hazardous elements tests more efficiently.

  • BTLIMS Industrial Hygeine Edition provides your laboratory with a highly automated, yet compliant data entry module, sure to suit your needs.

    The BTLIMS PLM data entry module provides functionality allowing your lab to analyze asbestos fibers and non-asbestos fibers in bulk building materials in compliance with ELAP 198.1, EPA 600R/93-116 and NIOSH 9002. The process includes stereoscopic observation, PLM Examination, QC process with Intradup/Interdup, control chart trending and monthly summaries. 

    BTLIMS PCM Data Entry module provides functionality to analyze filtered samples for airborne fibers, used mainly for personal samples to meet OSHA requirements and for area samples. The analyst examines up to 100 fields or 100 fibers counted, >5 um in length with a length to width ration of 3:1 or greater. All fiber types, asbestos and non-asbestos, are counted. Total fiber concentrations are given in Fibers per mm2 of filter area and Fibers per Cubic Centimeter for samples with a known volume.

    We also have specialized data entry modules available for TEM and mold analyses.

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