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Cedar Hill,  TX 
United States
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GCT manufactures reliable and user-friendly gas detectors.

Over the years, Gas Clip Technologies has pioneered and perfected the development of advanced infrared LEL sensor technology for portable gas detection. This low-power LED photometric infrared technology for LEL detection of hydrocarbon gases has not only reduced detector maintenance, downtime and expenses, but it has also made daily charging of portable multigas detectors a thing of the past. We offer this technology in each of our multigas detectors which enables them to run continuously for days, months or even years at a time. This technology also enables our detectors to operate efficiently in oxygen deficient environments.

We also offer reliable single gas detectors for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) or oxygen (O2) as well as quick & efficient docking stations for all our detectors. Our newest product, the GCT External Pump, can be used with any of our diffusion detectors to draw samples from up to 75 feet making confined space work easier than ever before.

Gas Clip Technologies offers solutions to typical safety issues with compliance-based detectors that are customizable, durable, and user friendly.  100% of our detectors are quality tested to ensure customer satisfaction and low cost of ownership. All products are assembled in the USA and sold through local distributorships around the world. Our experienced Gas Clip Technologies team is here to help you solve your most difficult gas detection challenges. Please stop by our booth #516 at AIHceEXP 2023.

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GCT Family of Products


  • MGC Simple+
    The MGC Simple Plus multi gas detector operates for three years continuously with no recharging or routine calibration necessary. It reliably tests for hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and combustible gases (LEL)....

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  • MGC Pump
    The MGC Pump allows you to safely test the air for combustible gases (LEL), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) from up to 75 feet—even in inert atmospheres. It also has a continuous run time of 52 hours....

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  • Single Gas Clip
    The Single Gas Clip comes in three different versions—SGC H2S, SGC CO and SGC O2. All three have top-of-the-line sensor reliability along with adjustable alarm set points, a programmable six-digit detector ID code and a two-year continuous run time....

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  • SGC Plus
    The SGC Plus has top-of-the-line sensor reliability, adjustable alarm set points, a programmable six-digit detector ID code and a two-year battery life. It also has a hibernation mode that helps extend the battery life....

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  • GCT External Pump
    Gas Clip Technologies’ newest accessory—the GCT External Pump—gives any Gas Clip diffusion detector the ability to take remote samples from up to 75 feet away. Its minimum continuous run time is 40 hours, and it can recharge in 4-6 hours (typically)....

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