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Know what's in the air.

Increasing the quality of exposure monitoring while cutting costs and saving time

At Gasmet we value the work and effort industrial hygienists put into monitoring the potentially harmful contaminants of their work sites. Diligent assessment of worker operations together with accurate detecting and testing of atmospheric hazards are instrumental in assuring worker safety and smooth operations.

We want to make the process of exposure assessment as effective as possible by increasing your ability to detect and measure harmful contaminants – in a fraction of the time it used to take.  With a Gasmet industrial hygiene monitoring system, you get:

  • Complete in situ measurement with real-time results. You never have to take samples and wait for days and weeks for laboratory results
  • Ability to detect unknown gases. This can be very valuable information when performing routine monitoring as it alerts of a leak or poor ventilation situation.
  • Realtime results on your desktop or tablet
  • Complete portability. Easily re-locate the measuring unit wherever you need it at the moment
  • Robust and carefree Our solution is not afraid of splashes, dust or small bumps.
  • All in one compact package. You only need one analyzer for all your industrial hygiene monitoring needs.

Brands: The GT5000 Terra is deployed by health & safety professionals and emergency responders to quantify and identify gases. The CEMII system can monitor and give gas level alarms from up to 32 locations.

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