Booth Design Regulations

All ToxExpo Exhibitors are asked to be considerate of their neighbors and avoid obstructing the line of sight into surrounding booths.  All ToxExpo Exhibitors are required to comply with the following Booth Design Regulations issued by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE):

ADA Requirements

Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act within its booth and assigned exhibit space.

Booth Design & Use of Exhibit Space

Each 10' x 10' exhibit space will have an 8' high drape background, and 36" high drape dividers defining the sides of the space. Aisle carpet will be provided in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors must provide carpeting or flooring in their booth space. Area rugs, outdoor rugs or bare concrete is unacceptable.  A booth identification sign measuring 7" x 44" and showing only Company Name will also be supplied in all linear booths.

Standard Booth

All display material is restricted to a maximum height of 4' except for the back wall of the display, which is limited to 8' in height. The booth height may be maintained up to 50% of the distance from the back wall toward the front of the space. No obstructions in the front half of the booth above the height of 48" will be permitted. Models or schematic drawings of cubic content exhibits should be submitted in advance to Exhibit Management for approval. No exhibit may span an aisle by roofing or floor covering.  All signs and banners are limited to 8' in height.

Island Booths

The full cubic content of the space may be used; however, all display material is restricted to 16' in height. Sufficient see-through areas must be provided so as not to block the view of the adjacent exhibits. Models or schematic drawings of cubic content exhibits should be submitted in advance to for approval.

Hanging banners and signs must be submitted to show management for approval.

Nothing shall be posted, tacked, nailed, or otherwise attached to the walls, floors or other parts of the exhibit facility or furniture contained in the facility.

Exposed unfinished sides of exhibit backgrounds must be draped to present an attractive appearance. If such draping is not ordered, the decorator, with the approval of Exhibit Management, will install draping and charge the exhibitor.   

Demonstration Areas

Demonstration areas may not be set on the aisle line of the exhibit; space must be left within the exhibit area to absorb the spectators. Should the spectators interfere with the normal traffic flow in the aisle or overflow into neighboring exhibits, the presentation must be limited or eliminated. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety (structural, fire, etc.) of their booths. NOTE: CyberCafes (Internet access stations) are not permitted within a company's booth space.