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Marketing Advertising ToxExpo Profile Upgrades
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Marketing Opportunities

Put your best foot forward and "WOW" attendees as they enter the convention center. Your branding will have a dramatic impact on attendees as they go up the stairs to the session rooms.


 View Staircase Location 


*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production.

      SOLD! Envigo   

Be a step ahead of the competition by branding stairs in the main lobby of the convention center.

Your company's art will be featured on the runner of the escalator of your choice. Locations include two in the main lobby near SOT Registration and two in the ToxExpo exhibit hall leading to session rooms and Exhibitor Hosted Sessions.

Location 1: Lobby; Main Building Entrance
SOLD! Altasciences Clinical Research
Location 2: Lobby; Registration and Exhibit Hall
SOLD! Southern Research
Location 3: Exhibit Hall; To session rooms and EHS
Location 4: Exhibit Hall; To session rooms and EHS

 View Escalator Locations Map 


*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production.

 Take your marketing to new heights by advertising your presence in high traffic areas!

These pocket sized maps will be available as attendees enter the Exhibit Hall. The map will feature the ToxExpo floorplan with the Sponsoring company's booth highlighted. The reverse side will feature an advertisement from the Sponsoring company. 

15 ½” X 9 ¼” 

**Opportunity fee includes the cost of production.


Give attendees a map of the Exhibit Hall leading straight to your booth!
New for 2018!  

All attendees need a badge, so give them an impressive custom lanyard featuring your company logo. Your company's brand will be showcased everywhere the attendees go!

*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production.

SOLD! CiToxLAB        

 Let 6,800+ attendees do your marketing for you, and wear your logo around the Annual Meeting!

These bags will travel with attendees around San Antonio, and then the world when they return home. Bags will be distributed at registration. A portion of the bags will be made available to distribute from your booth as a special perk!

**Opportunity fee includes the cost of production.

SOLD! PreLabs        

 Attendee bags will feature your company artwork!

Feature your company on the Annual Meeting notepads, distributed in CE courses, committee meetings, and registration. When attendees are taking notes, they will also be taking note of your company! As a perk, a number of notepads will be made available to distribute from your booth.

*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production. 

SOLD! ToxServices LLC      

 Make attendees take note of your booth!

Put your name and booth number front and center at the Annual Meeting, as pens are distributed at registration, CE courses and meetings. You will recieve a number of pens to give out at your booth as a special perk.

*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production.

SOLD! Imanis Life Sciences

After taking notes in scientific sessions, attendees will take home the pens with your logo!

 Attendees need to recharge their devices and they can do so next to your custom artwork! Showcase your company at either the bench seating located in the convention center main lobby near SOT registration or in a lockable unit located on the third level, outside the session rooms.


View Charging Station Locations


Lockable Charging Station: $1,750 - 2 opportunities**

**Opportunity fee includes the cost of production.

Lobby Charging Station: $2,000 - 2 opportunities*

*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production.

 Put your company in the middle of the action in the lobby, or outside session rooms!

Located on the exhibit hall floor, the Power Bar is a destination to network and recharge a device. Tables equipped with power and USB outlets will feature the sponsoring organizations artwork printed on the table tops.


 View Power Bar Location

View the ToxExpo Floorplan

**Opportunity fee includes the cost of production.

SOLD! Altasciences Clinical Research

Attendees will recharge at the relaxing Power Bar, courtesy of your company!

This opportunity is customizable to your marketing needs. When attendees arrive in San Antonio, they will be handed their room key - and your company logo! Feature your booth number, Exhibitor Hosted Session, new product, or other exciting news before attendees enter the convention center.

*Opportunity fee does not include the cost of production.       

  SOLD! Sinclair Research Center LLC

 Your company is key - you decide who gets it! Distribution options are customizable to your needs.

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Advertising Opportunities

SOT Members and prior Annual Meeting attendees receive a printed copy of the Preliminary Program in the mail in advance of the meeting.

Half Page: $525 (Horizontal or Vertical)
Full Page: $1,045    

Artwork Deadline: November 1, 2017. Ads are Four Color. 

Advertisers Include:

Alpha Genesis, Inc. (AGI)
Enzo Life Sciences
PDS Life Sciences
Sinclair Research Center LLC

Be a part of the largest mailing on behalf of the Annual Meeting.

The printed Program will be available at registration during the Annual Meeting. 

 Half Page: $525 (Horizontal or Vertical)
 Full Page: $1,045    

Artwork Deadline: January 15, 2018. Ads are Black Only. 

Advertisers Include:
Alpha Genesis, Inc. (AGI)
Critical Path Institute
Primate Products, Inc.
Sinclair Research Center LLC
Worldwide Primates, Inc.

First time ever! New opportunity to place ads in the Program.
New for 2018! 

Your company's ad will be featured on the online ToxExpo floor plan and
Draw attention to your booth with these online hotspots!

Advertisers Include

Chemon Inc.
IIT Research Institute (IITRI)
Sinclair Research Center LLC

 Put your booth front and center by advertising right on our website!

The Sponsoring company's banner ad will be displayed on the home page, and rotate in session descriptions. The ads hyperlink to a site of your choice. The SOT Mobile App features the most up-to-date information on the scientific program, as well as the most complete listing of exhibitors.

The Mobile Event App will launch in February 2018.          

Advertisers Include

Charles River
IDEXX BioResearch
Research Diets, Inc.
Southern Research

When attendees log in to the SOT Mobile Event App, make sure your brand is there to see!

Users are greeted with the sponsoring company's artwork in rotation on the home screen when using the complimentary wireless internet. The banner ad will hyperlink to a site of your choice. 

      Artwork Deadline: February 15, 2018

Advertisers Include

MPI Research
Sinclair Research Center LLC
Southern Research

Everyone connects to the Wi-Fi. Now they can connect with your company when they do!

Mailing List Rental offers the ability to connect with either the Annual Meeting Attendee List or the SOT Membership list, or both! SOT does not provide email addresses. This rental is for physical mailing addresses only. All mailings require approval from SOT prior to production.

Pre-Registered Attendee Mailing List - $1,000
SOT Membership Mailing List - $1,000 (approximately 8,000 members)

Download the Pre-Registered Attendee Mailing List Order Form
Download the SOT Membership Mailing List Order Form

*Opportunity fee does not include production costs or labor.        

Reach out directly to attendees, SOT members, or both!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

> Download the Marketing & Advertising Order Form <

ToxExpo Online Profile Upgrades 

Expand your company's visibility by adding more Product/Service Categories. As attendees search for exhibitors in the Mobile App and online, those with more categories will display more frequently.

All exhibitors receive a 500 character description, 5 product/service categories and 1 press release.

Upgrade Price
1 Additional Product Category $35
3 Additional Product Categories $90
5 Additional Product Categories $125
1 Additional Press Release $50
100 Additional Characters
for Company Profile


Using the tools at, attendees can search for a particular Product/Service provider. The more Product/Service an exhibitor has, the more visible the profile. 

The mobile app will feature enhanced search capability - directly from the ToxExpo button, attendees can find exhibitors via Product/Service Categories or review Press Releases, which are also available at



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