Space, Package & Rates


What is included in my space?

All exhibit booths include a back wall and side rails made of fabric drape and an identification sign.

Commercial booths include four full-conference SOT registrations (See 'Rates').

What is not included in my space?

Carpet, tables, chairs, labor, and electricity. All exhibitors are responsible for ordering these services for their booth.

What is required in my exhibit booth space?

All ToxExpo exhibit booths are required to have one continuous piece of carpet OR flooring.

Throw rugs, outdoor rugs, sheets, blankets, etc are NOT acceptable forms of flooring. Exhibit booths that do not meet these requirements will have carpet installed by Shepard Exposition Services at the cost of the exhibitor.


Commercial Exhibits

Inline 10' x 10' USD $2,300

Corner 10' x 10' USD $2,500

Commercial booths include four full-conference SOT registrations per 100 square feet.

Non-profit and Government Agency Exhibits

Non-profit Inline* 10' x 10' USD $600

Government Agency Inline* 10' x 10' USD $600

Non-profit and Government Agency booths include two full-conference SOT registrations per 100 square feet.

*Institutes and other organizations that are non-profit according to the US Internal Revenue Service receive a discount, and must provide a copy of their tax exempt certificate with their application for space.


Other than a back wall and side rails, the exhibitor will be responsible for all other furnishings in the exhibit booth. This includes carpet, which is mandatory. You may order a basic booth package or place a customized order through the genral service contractor. Further information is available in the Exhibitor Service Manual, available late December 2018.

Electricity, high-speed internet, audio-visual, lead retrieval, and food & beverage are not included and must be ordered through the Exhibitor Service Manual, available late December 2018.