Have general questions about AMSACon2021?

View the FAQs under the Attendees and Exhibitors tabs or email


Attendee Login Tips:


fAMSA Exchange:

Step 1. Click on My Login/Dashboard under the Attendees tab.

Step 2. Enter the email address you used to register for AMSACon2021. Login using your fAMSA Exchange password. You can retrieve your password if you need it. Keep in mind, if you change this password in your fAMSA Exchange profile it will not be changed in your AMSACon Virtual Conference profile and vise versa.

Once logged in you will be able to:

- Update your attendee profile in the fAMSA Exchange.

- Connect with experts exhibiting in the fAMSA Exchange, send them emails and set up appointments to schedule personal meetings.

- Check out the Galleries and attend Networking Excursions, learn more from the Discoveries and receive awesome Giveaways from our exhibitors.


AMSACon Virtual Conference:

Step 1. Click on the AMSACon Sessions tab to access the conference sessions.

Step 2. Click Login in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3. Enter the email address you used to register for AMSACon2021 and select Reset password. Keep in mind, this will not reset your fAMSA Exchange password.

Once your password is reset you will be able to:

- Login to access the Sessions and the Hangout Hub.

- Update your profile in the Virtual Conference.

- Go to My Account and scroll to the bottom to set your time zone.

- Toggle back-and-forth to/from the fAMSA Exchange.

- Start planning your conference experience!


Still having trouble logging in?

If you are registered and having trouble logging into a live session or event, you may be experiencing caching issues. If you see a message saying you don’t have permission to join, please log out by clicking your initials in the top left of the screen, then log back in. We also encourage you to clear your history and try logging in to a new browser.


For Attendee General Support:


Exhibitor & Sponsor Support:

For assistance during AMSACon March 6-8, please contact Sandy Fridy at or call her at (703) 665-4811. You can also CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting time with Sandy between 10:00am6:00pm ET.

For Technical Support with this webpage, contact support.