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ArcticZymes Technologies  

Wayne,  PA 
United States

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ArcticZymes develops and manufactures novel nucleases tailor made for bioprocessing applications. Using nucleases developed for optimal performance at the various conditions of the steps of viral vector manufacturing helps to achieve purer product and higher titers, at a reduced cost. Our Salt Active Nuclease (SAN HQ), a general endonuclease useful for removing residual DNA contamination especially at high-salt conditions (400mM-600mM). M-SAN is a novel nuclease with excellent performance at physiological conditions (175mM NaCl) found in typical cell media.

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  • New customers get 50% off our bioprocessing nucleases tailor-made for viral vector manufacturing (SAN HQ or M-SAN).  Please visit https://tinyurl.com/45v49v63 and mention the promo code: "50%SAN".


  • SAN HQ and M-SAN
    Developed to suit the high quality and regulatory requirements for use in bioprocessing workflows, these nucleases are manufactured according to requirements in ISO 13485. In addition relevant requirements from cGMP have been implemented....

  • SAN High Quality® is the ultimate solution for efficient removal of nucleic acids in high-salt manufacturing and bioprocessing workflows. This non-specific endonuclease has optimum activity at salt concentrations between 400 – 600 mM, allowing significant improvements in efficiency and yield. SAN High Quality is also used to eliminate exogenous DNA contamination for in-process qPCR titer measurements. Following the efficient contamination clearance, the nuclease can easily be inactivated at PCR-friendly conditions. Viral DNA is protected by capsids, and remains intact also after the viral lysis.

    M-SAN High Quality® is a novel, nonspecific endonuclease with excellent performance at physiological conditions found in typical cell media. M-SAN HQ outperforms other commercially available nucleases in removal of DNA impurities at conditions often used for manufacture of fragile viral vectors such as lentiviruses.