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Minneapolis,  MN 
United States

Bio-Techne - Cell and Gene Therapies Full Solution Provider

Bio-Techne unites some of Life Sciences’ most distinguished brands to deliver more than 350,0000 innovative and high-quality products to the Cell Therapy market. Our collaborative family of brands, which includes R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris Bioscience ®, ProteinSimple®, and Quad Technologies® manufactures, small molecules, proteins, and antibody products required to meet the demands of cell therapeutic development. 

Brands: R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris Bioscience ®, ProteinSimple® and Advanced Cell Diagnostics®


  • GMP ProDots™ Proteins
    GMP ProDots™ Proteins for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing...

  • GMP ProDots™ Proteins are pre-aliquoted, lyophilized, and instantly dissolvable spheres of animal-free GMP cytokines or growth factors that are conveniently packaged into single-use bags for easy incorporation into closed-system manufacturing workflows.

    GMP ProDots Proteins are designed to overcome the time and handing challenges currently facing the cell therapy industry. This innovative protein delivery system eliminates protein aliquoting and minimizes handling time, thus reducing the risk of GMP protein supplementation into culture media for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.