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Brooks Life Sciences & GENEWIZ combine sample management expertise with deep genomics expertise to facilitate the advancement of cell and gene therapies from discoveries to commercialization.

Brooks Life Sciences offers a broad range of products and services for sample management at temperatures of 20°C to -190°C, as well as comprehensive solutions across the complete life cycle of biological samples including collection, transportation, processing, storage, protection, retrieval and disposal.

GENEWIZ, a Brooks Life Sciences company, leads the industry with our innovative solutions in gene synthesis, next generation sequencing, GLP/CLIA regulatory-compliant services, and Sanger sequencing. We have developed a suite of proprietary and unique services specifically for adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, CRISPR editing, and to support FDA submissions.

For more information, please attend our Exhibitor Showcase on "Innovative Genomics & Cold Chain Solutions for Development of Cell and Gene Therapieson Thursday, May 13 from 11:30am - 12:15pm ET (UTC-06:00).


AAV Webinar 2020

 Show Specials

  • GENEWIZ’s unique AAV plasmid synthesis service offers synthesis and cloning of transgene expression cassettes into custom AAV vectors with high efficiencies and comes bundled with our new AAV plasmid preparation protocol to deliver AAV-ITR sequence verified, mini- to giga-scale AAV plasmids. Receive 40% Off on your first order; offer ends Dec 31, 2021.

  • GENEWIZ’s ssDNA synthesis service provides up to 10,000 nt of full sequence-verified fragments derived from clonally purified double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), producing the highest quality results possible. Receive 50% Off on your first order; offer ends Dec 31, 2021.

  • GENEWIZ’s new proprietary Sanger sequencing method sequences through difficult inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions of adeno-associated virus (AAV). Receive 50% Off on your first order; offer ends Sep 30, 2021; valid for US customers only.


  • AAV Plasmid Preparation
    GENEWIZ’s proprietary AAV plasmid preparation service delivers superior quality for midi to giga-scale AAV vectors, while maintaining the integrity of ITR regions....

  • Preserving the integrity of inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences in adeno-associated virus (AAV) plasmids is important for the production of recombinant AAV (rAAV) vectors. Our new process includes pre- and post-preparation quality controlled (QC) steps that leverage GENEWIZ's AAV-ITR Sanger sequencing capabilities for full sequence verification and ensures delivery of intact ITR clones for your research.​

    Capabilities include:

    • Screening process to isolate intact ITRs in mixed populations​
    • High success rate compared to standard plasmid preparation kits and protocols​
    • Multiple analysis options available, including sterility testing, restriction digest, full plasmid sequencing, etc.​
    • Turnaround time starting at 6 business days with Ph.D.-level support throughout project
  • AAV Plasmid Synthesis
    GENEWIZ’s AAV plasmid synthesis service comes bundled with our new AAV plasmid preparation protocol to deliver mini- to giga-scale AAV plasmids that have been sequence-verified by our AAV-ITR Sanger sequencing service....

  • GENEWIZ has developed a unique AAV plasmid synthesis service, the first of its kind on the market. This service provides researchers working with adeno-associated virus vectors with synthesis and cloning of transgene expression cassettes into custom AAV vectors with high efficiencies.​

    Features & Benefits:​

    • Robust 2-step QC system including sequence verification using GENEWIZ’s proprietary AAV-ITR sequencing and ITR correction via gene synthesis to ensure intact ITR regions before and after cloning​
    • Mini- to giga-scale preps using proprietary AAV plasmid preparation protocol​
    • FREE codon optimization tools based on an advanced algorithm for high protein expression​
    • Extensive experience working with a wide variety of custom AAV vectors with ITR synthesis capability
  • ssDNA Synthesis
    GENEWIZ’s ssDNA synthesis service provides up to 10,000 nt of full sequence-verified fragments quickly and affordably....

  • GENEWIZ’s ssDNA synthesis service provides up to 10,000 nt of full sequence-verified fragments quickly and affordably. Our fragments are derived from clonally purified double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), producing the highest quality results possible. ​

    Advantages include: ​

    • ssDNA synthesis ranging from 150 nt to 8000 nt in length​
    • synthesize repeated ssDNA/sequence on both ends, including ITR​
    • High GC content​

    Point mutation rate lower than NGS detection limit​

    Residue rate of dsDNA = lower than 0.5%

  • AAV-ITR Sanger Sequencing
    GENEWIZ’s new proprietary Sanger sequencing method sequences through difficult inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions of adeno-associated virus (AAV), to expedite screening and validation of leads for your cell and gene therapy research....

  • GENEWIZ’s new proprietary Sanger sequencing method sequences through difficult inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions of adeno-associated virus (AAV), to expedite screening and validation of leads for your cell and gene therapy research. 

    Our protocol prevents the abrupt reduction in the sequencing signal at the start of the ITR hairpin and reads through the full length of the ITR region. GENEWIZ’s proprietary protocol is now available in our GLP laboratory to support US FDA submissions such as IND and BLAs. ​

    Service Highlights:​

    • Increased read lengths and improved data quality allow for early detection of point mutations​
    • Qualitative assessment of the integrity of wild-type and partially truncated ITR regions in AAV plasmids​
    • Ph.D.- level customer support throughout the project​
    • Online ordering system for real-time order management​
    • GLP service includes client approved study protocol, QA oversight, dedicated study director, study documentation, and a final report
  • NGS Based Viral Genome Sequencing
    GENEWIZ offers a suite of in-depth NGS solutions that can be leveraged for adeno-associated virus (AAV) applications throughout the AAV gene therapy workflow – from initial construct assembly to host transfection....

  • GENEWIZ’s NGS solutions can be leveraged for adeno-associated virus (AAV) applications, providing a streamlined approach for AAV cell & gene therapy research. Using Illumina® short-read and PacBio® long-read sequencing, these solutions enable researchers to: ​


    Perform highly accurate confirmation of AAV plasmids and inserts using: ​

    • Illumina short-read DNA sequencing​
    • PacBio long-read DNA sequencing​



    Confirm rAAV vector sequences and identify DNA contaminants in AAV library preparation with: ​

    • Short-read or long-read whole genome sequencing​
    • GENEWIZ is now offering single-stranded to double-stranded conversion of AAV genomes ​


    Measure AAV expression of the target gene post-infection using: ​

    • Targeted sequencing​
    • RNA sequencing at the RUO and CLIA levels​



    Stratify and characterize host immune response during and after infection via: ​

    • RNA sequencing ​
    • Single-cell sequencing​
    • Digital spatial profiling​

  • CryoPod™ Carrier and Filling Station
    CryoPod Carrier provides a safe, portable and trackable solution for hand carrying temperature-sensitive biological materials. The Filling Station provides precise, hands-free replenishing of the CryoPod, at the touch of a button in under 10 minutes....

  • The LN2 vapor-based CryoPod™ Carrier provides a safe, portable, and trackable solution for hand carrying temperature-sensitive biological materials.​

    • Holds samples at ≤-150°C for over 3 hours​
    • Displays and logs temperature, date, time​
    • Audible and visual temperature alarms​
    • Compact, lightweight, portable​
    • No direct sample contact with LN2​

    The CryoPod™ Carrier Filling Station enables the fast and simple replenishing of the CryoPod™'s LN2 supply in a safe, precise, and hands-free manner​.

    • Safe: hands free LN2 Cryopod charging​
    • Simple: single button operation, walk away until ready​
    • Precise: exact LN2 filling every time, even before empt​
    • Fast: charges the carrier in 10 minutes or less​
    • Versatile: can connect to existing LN2 supply

  • BioCision
    For high quality sample and biomaterial preparation, protection and preservation, our Biocision range provides reproducible results, for pre-clinical development....

  • The BioCision range of cryopreservation products are designed to improve and standardize tools and methods for biomaterial sample handling. With alcohol-free controlled rate freezing at -1oC a minute from CoolCell, CoolBox for keeping samples cold or frozen without ice, and thermo-conductive CoolRacks, which provide temperature uniformity across all vials when cooling, snap freezing, heating or thawing. ​

    CoolCell ​​

    • Alcohol-free controlled rate freezing (-1°C/minute)​​


    • Thermo-conductive blocks for​ benchtop temperature stability​​
    • Provides sample temperature uniformity​ for a wide range of labware sizes​​

    TruCool Boxes​​

    • High quality cryoboxes for material storage​


    • Portable temperature stability for critical reagents​​
    • Ice free - keeps samples cool up to 10 hours under a hood
  • Clinical Sample Storage & Management Solutions
    Brooks Life Sciences’ globally interconnected biorepositories and bioprocessing laboratories accelerate cell and gene therapy pre-clinical and clinical research timelines, reduce sample storage and administration costs, and maximize sample value....

  • A fragmented approach to clinical trial sample management can lead to spiraling sample storage costs, slow sample transfer times, data management difficulties, and poor chain-of-custody records. Brooks Life Sciences offers a complete, integrated sample management solution that solves these issues, enabling improved study timelines with increased sample integrity and sample utilization which, ultimately, can help accelerate trial outcomes and patient health. ​

    Our extensive experience in managing clinical trials spans all therapeutic areas, regardless of phase or size, within one global, interconnected platform. Our experts work with you to customize our suite of services to fit your individual sample management needs. ​

    Capabilities include: ​

    • Study initiation​
    • Sample storage (ambient to -1960C)​
    • Pre-analytical services​
    • Analytical services​
    • Sample retrieval and shipment​
    • Sample management logistics solutions
  • BioStore™ III Automated LN2 Based Storage Solution
    BioStore™ III platform supports labs around the world to implement accurate, repeatable process control for their high value frozen collections at a range of temperatures including -190°C, -80°C, and -20°C....

  • BioStore III automated storage solution engineered design includes best in class sample security and cold chain protection with real-time data management and reporting. Already used to support world class cell and gene programs - find out how this system can improve your process and product integrity.​

    • Range of temperatures including -190°C, -80°C, and -20°C​
    • Secure, accurate, repeatable inventory control​
    • Supports labware including vials, cryoboxes, cassettes or sbs​
    • Full vial or cassette level inventory tracking​
    • Complete LN2 vapor storage environment​
    • Software inventory management with available reporting, to support 21-CRF-11 compliance​
    • LIMS connectivity and partitioning​
    • Insulating tower protection for non-targeted tubes​
    • Ergonomic design for simple user experience and minimized risk ​
    • 17-23 day hold time in case of interruption of LN2 or electricity​
    • Secure username and password access ​
    • Library features allows for freezer segmentation
  • Cold Chain Management For Cell & Gene Therapeutics
    Brooks Life Sciences offers flexible pharmaceutical ultra-cold chain logistics and pharmaceutical distribution solutions to safeguard the integrity and quality of your cell and gene therapeutics while meeting cGMP and regulatory requirements....

  • Brooks Life Sciences’ state-of-the-art, global, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) repositories support short- and long-term storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive cell and gene therapeutics, providing flexible solutions to safeguard the integrity and quality of your manufactured drug products while meeting regulatory requirements. ​

    Capabilities include: ​

    • Ultra-cold and cryogenic storage (as low as -1960C): Cold and ultra-cold storage of drugs from investigational medicinal products to commercialized drug products in our fully licensed and accredited cGMP warehouses.​
    • Cold chain logistics: Our end-to-end cold chain logistics solutions include cold chain transportation of bulk shipments in our fleet of mobile biorepositories or arranging shipments to/from our global cGMP facilities.​
    • Inventory management: Users access material data through a secure CFR, Part 11 compliant software, providing real-time visibility to inventory and complete audit trail.